IGN reviews Twisted Metal: Head-on: Extra Twisted Edition

The closing comments from the review by IGN's Ryan Clements:

"Let's be honest: we know this is a port, but you're getting an awful lot of stuff for only twenty bucks. And considering the fact that most of the content packed onto the disc is fun to play, there's really no reason for a Twisted Metal fan to miss this one. Those of you new to the car combat genre may find it a little eccentric, but we assure you that driving around at breakneck speeds and firing missiles out of a truck is very satisfying. Ultimately, we'd like to think of Extra Twisted as a pretty sweet deal -- especially if you're a Twisted Metal junkie."

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Iron Man 24326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

Awesome review,I can't wait to pick up this game for my PS3(BC with PS2 games)next month,it's simply a steal at just $20!

I hope Twisted Metal comes to the PS3 someday with online multiplayer!;)

decapitator4326d ago

Even in it's final times, the PS2 is till delivering. I will be picking this up. I can't wait to see how this will look on the PS2's big brother.

kewlkat0074326d ago

I raped that game..for hours. Minion was the Bomb.

Yes waiting for the Next-gen version.


Relcom4326d ago

GOod times man, good times playin that

xionpunk4326d ago

PS3 need to get Twisted

ohhthegore4325d ago

This might satisfy me until a next gen Twisted Metal comes along

SlyGuy4325d ago

...I would also want to see a revival in the Vigilante series.

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