NCsoft On the Future, Worldwide Hits and PS3 MMOs

GameDaily recently spoke with NCsoft North America President Chris Chung about NCsoft's growth direction for the next year. He believes the shift of MMOs to consoles is "inevitable."

GameDaily queried him on the exclusive deal that NCsoft recently signed with Sony for the PS3. We've yet to see an MMO game take off on consoles, so how will NCsoft approach this challenge? "I think there are a lot of causes that factor into good MMOs on a console," Chang ventured. "These are elements like 'does the person have a standard definition TV or an HDTV?' You don't have a good a resolution on regular TV, and a lot of games were hurting for that. Ultimately, we have to really optimize for consoles; we have to create an experience that's suited for the [PS3] and supports the MMO element. I think the shift is inevitable; real-time strategy is one of the last PC genres moving onto consoles, and I think we'll see a similar trend for online games as well."

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gamesblow4325d ago

Something to be excited about...... in 3 years. All this talk of these games coming is absurd. We won't see an NCsoft game for 2 years at the very least.

The Agency, made by Sony, won't even be hear until 09... Wait and see. Everyone likes to tell me to shut up... but when you look at logistic's and how many times I've been right about everything I've said... I have a way better record than idiot surfer girl.

As I said...

The Agency won't come out until 09
We won't see anything from NCsoft until 2 or 3 years down the road
Alan Wake for the xbox 360 was axed
I broke the news about the ghostbuster game befor anyone (documented on my website)

and tons of other $#it yet everyone tells me how wrong I always am. Please.

decapitator4325d ago

GDC....Enough said. Here is hoping.

heyheyhey4325d ago

i really hope you are wrong- i want Agency before 09

where the hell do you get this info? are you a dev?

DarkSniper4325d ago

No. He's Gamesblow. One of the Sony Snipers who gives a fair and unbiased opinion about what goes on in the gaming industry. Check any game related message boards (NeoGaf, Gamefaqs, and you will see that Gamesblow has a 98% approval rate.

When the rare occassion occurs that Dark Sniper has a question or needs research on something, he goes to Gamesblow as his source. Dark Sniper encourages all of his fellow Sony Snipers to award Gamesblow with bubbles every chance you get.

4D Graphics.

kunark4325d ago

when did they axe alan wake and is there a link to that i must have missed that

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heyheyhey4325d ago

man all those fools i used to blast on COD4 are going to be playing some crappy MMO's, although that exteel game looks interesting

i get easily addicted to things so i learned from my mistakes and now i never even come close to a MMO game, you spend hours and hours on it and for what? some sh!tty piece of armour and 100 gold.....pffft

playing rewarding, challenging and engaging games like Unhcharted and COD is so much better

Gorgon4324d ago

I think that you should be making comments on the Open Zone...

kingOVsticks4325d ago

yeah the agency is really far in development I can see that game coming out at least around fall

INehalemEXI4325d ago

I will probably try them.

aceman74325d ago

No monthly charge please. Paying for WoW already.

InfectedDK4325d ago

If i remember correct i think i read an article regarding NCsoft's exclusive deal with Sony and they both said it would be free.. But im not sure..! Who knows, lets see..

INehalemEXI4325d ago

it says free 2 play for 1 of them at least not sure about Aion.

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The story is too old to be commented.