UGO: Super Smash Bros. Brawl hands-on preview

So now that Super Smash Bros. is out in Japan, we decided we'd take a look at the final version of the game and see how it's shaping up for the March 9th release here in the States.

First of all, and we've said this in the past...this is not a vast change for the series. From a basic gameplay standpoint, you're getting the same experience you got in Super Smash Bros. Melee on the GameCube, though it's been refined and improved from just about every front.

Preview by Russell Frushtick.

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Beren4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

How cute puppy who is?

navig8or4335d ago

Hey Beren, The puppy is from Nintendogs I'm pretty sure.

Beren4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

(double post) i am sorry

wiizy4335d ago

hands down i expect this game to be the game of the year... on the fresh system out there... of course haters will complain cause its not hd, they cant see the sweat on snake's face.

leon764335d ago

Ahahahahahahahahaha....yes man go play with nintendogs and kirby, you idiot!!! that will be more ________ of the year!!!!

gamesblow4335d ago

This game truly lives up to its name "SMASH" cause all you do is "SMASH" buttons. I love how Nintendo gets away with making a button masher but then the same ASS SMACKS who praise them for it turn right around and dog other games for it...

"oh, it's just a button masher"

Nintendo's pot is always Black and oddly enough so is their Kettle.

jackdoe4335d ago

If there is one game that could convince me to shell out for a Wii, it would be this one.

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