Whadduya Buyin’? – A Tribute to the Merchants

In our long journeys across foreign lands and demon worlds, our heroes always are in need of supplies. Our attache cases might be running dry after a long battle or maybe we’ve just exhausted our last health potion while exploring lengthy dungeon. Who is there for us to resupply? When times are tough, there is always at least one person that has our back: the merchant. He may only like us for our pesetas, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about our well-being. So here is a digital toast to the best who’ve always been behind us… except when we have had insufficient funds.

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Solans Scott2336d ago

Wouldn't have gotten too far without those merchants, especially in RE 4.

Draperc2336d ago

Ahhhhh...I'll buy it for a high price!