5 Manga That Need a Game Adaptation

"Here are five manga series that would work very well as video games. Some fitting manga have been omitted from the list because they already have a good game, but in any case, all of these are wonderful stories that could use a game to help add a dimension to the story." |

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smashcrashbash3751d ago

I vote Jing-King of Bandits. It would make an awesome game. It has more then enough settings for story, levels and bosses.

Kin23g3750d ago

A Basilisk game adaption would be amazing. Just stay true to the story and work with Studio 4°C on the animated cutscenes. As for the gameplay, something like the previous Ninja Gaiden installments'd do good.

Tigerfist3750d ago

I've read that a long time ago so I don't exactly remember it that well, but Basilisk does seem like it could produce a very interesting and dark game.

FadedWolf133750d ago

dude i agree Basilisk was awesome and there plenty others i could see in a game too but im sure none will ever happen

morganfell3750d ago

Ghost in the Shell done right. There are few manga so influential.

Appleseed, with co-op play throughout as Deunan Knute or Briareos.

Yes, I think Masamune Shirow rules.

Ranma13750d ago

We need a Bible Black game adoption

That will get tons of gamers to buy a PS3 just to play it

smashcrashbash3750d ago

Not only do I personally dislike Bible Black, I really don't see what kind of game you can make out of it.It wouldn't even make a good adult oriented game.

CrescentFang3750d ago

Dude, the anime is based off the visual novel of the same name.

Baka-akaB3750d ago

there is already a Bible black game on pc , it's your usual ero game . Hell i believe the anime is an adaptation of the games

morkendo233750d ago

I vote YU-GI-OH,CASSERIN,DEADMAN WONDERLAND be a great game to play.

tubers3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

LOL @ The World Only God Knows.

It's not there but I think Cage of Eden could be a decent material for a survival game.

Bunch of students, tourists, execs, employees plane crashes on a mysterious island with a lot of extinct and voracious animals .. with flavors of adventure, survival, betrayal, hope, romance, mystery, etc... and NO guns! xD

crawling1823751d ago

My mind is still trying to process the concept for a 'The World Only God Knows' game. Though I agree, alot of potential if it were made with comedy and satire in mind.

ExCest3750d ago

Dude, a game about dating games. We could go deeper but it would be an overload of what am I doing.

Snookies123750d ago

Hahaha, say what you want about The World God Only Knows... Keima is one hilarious and unique character...

Bloodraid3750d ago

It would probably be somewhat in the style of a Visual Novel.

JAMurida3750d ago

That or Highschool of the Dead/Cradle of Monsters would be interesting.

GodHandDee3751d ago

Shingeki No Kyojin: IF someone ever manages to make a game out of this with good gameplay, it will be one of the best games ever made.

Baka-akaB3750d ago

I could picture that , some kind of dragon's dogma on adrenaline (with the setting and era of the manga of course) with giants as big as seen as in Shadow of the Colossus , God of War and Castlevania LOD

GodHandDee3749d ago

And a touch of inFamous for the city levels = God tier Game in the making

Lucretia3751d ago

Berserk needs a good game adaptation!

Baka-akaB3750d ago

Berserk already had two awesome adaptations on Dreamcast and ps2 . We just need a new one on ps3 or ps4

Lucretia3750d ago

yeah the ps2 one was really good, but it never came to america :(

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