343 Ponders ‘Halo 5′ and the Next Generation

Though still not official, Halo 5 is destined to be a next-generation release. 343 Industries remains tightly guarded, of course, with their plans for the second (and third) installment of the Halo “Reclaimer” trilogy.

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ALLWRONG4054d ago

As long as it's next generation.

iamlegend99994054d ago

Slow down there 343. First we need to see if halo 4 is any good.

RockmanII74054d ago

Even if Halo 4 is bad they can sell Halo 5 as a return to greatness, worst case scenario for MS it ends up the Star Wars prequel trilogy and is ill received but still makes truck loads of money.

3-4-54054d ago

It will be next-gen. That is a fact.
It takes a few years to develop a good game , and for any Halo game.

Not sure if it will be a launch title , but when it does it shelves, it will be a system seller without a doubt.

BrutallyBlunt4054d ago

It's funny how guarded the videogame industry is. Can't say this, can't say that. Nintendo has even told publishers they are not allowed to give out any specs on the Wii U hardware. Rockstar is still playing their games, showing teasers and some screens here and there with no launch window for GTA V.


Microsoft says 343 will continue to work on Halo, but other studios may get involved

343 Industries will continue to work on the Halo series going forwards, but other studios may get involved in development, it’s been suggested

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just_looken109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

man what a failure halo wars 2 was the only good thing from this series on xbox one/series

10yr plan new ring that can change over time slipspace engine all gone now halo is another steam game sitting in the background.

Kids/teens today have no clue they halo we grew up with.

If a cod dev gets involved then that will be worse current cod out now is only popular because its the best out of the crap pile. i launched it the other day 4 cash shop popups one unskipable add then 30min trying to find the game through all the mt's.

purple101108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Your right, i once played Halo Reach, at a LAN party, for 32 hours straight! It was no joke!

(with food breaks, but no sleep) it was so good, I was totally addicted.

Now I'm a PS fan.. ps4 and ps5 have been the best money I ever spent, hands down, in terms of 'fun' & overall 'value'

PhillyDonJawn107d ago

I hated reach couldn't get into it but Halo 3, them all nighters was so much fun. Custom games with a full party was some of the best times I'll remember.

Chevalier107d ago

I remember sitting around and playing hours of Halo 2 daily with my friends just MP match after match for weeks on end. Was an incredible memory to this day.

PhillyDonJawn107d ago

Child please, Halo 5 MP was amazing. Campaign was trash tho.

StitchJones74108d ago

It's good to see that 343 cannot handle the task and are looking to do something. But how many years have gone by where there has not only been nothing to show, but issues. Microsoft is the issue here. And as of just 1mth ago with Refall, it has been proven again. Guess what,,, Phil S is NOT a developer and not does he have any legs to say a damn word about development. Wake up people.

chobit_A5HL3Y108d ago

crazy how indifferent ms is about one of the biggest franchises in gaming. it looks pretty bad when you don't even have a clear plan for your flagship title. ms just has no idea how to make good games anymore.

anast108d ago

They will probably be working on the mobile game.

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Halo made $6 billion from games and multimedia, 343 Industries says

343 Industries confirms the Halo franchise is a multi-billion dollar video game series, with over $6 billion generated from games and transmedia content.

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BandarHub170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Halo can do more than that.
343i is sitting on a goldmine of stories within the Halo lore.
They have been doing great with the book and comics but those need to be adapted into a animated series.
They need to start off by adapting the Forerunner saga books into an animated series. This background info is very important to understand Halo lore and its really good. I am surprised by the fact the people do not know about the Forerunner and precursors.

They need to make more games and expand into different genres. Halo War was great but with the flood, they could easily create a horror game.
343i needs to expand into a multiple-team studio with 2 big teams and one small experimental team.

gleepot169d ago

Halo is good, but it's not THAT good.

XiNatsuDragnel170d ago

Halo has potential but the publisher and developer just screw it up tbh.

Christopher169d ago

Halo is more valuable than any Sony IP. I think it's realized its potential, it just needs to be kept up.

neutralgamer1992169d ago


Destiny says hello and Sony has the developer who made halo. Destiny has generated billions

Brazz169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

"Hypothetical Halo" is indeed a juggernault, but the "current Halo", managed by 343I, is overshadowed by many Playstation IP's, like GoW, Destiny, i even dare say Last of Us and Horizon.

Maybe Halo can be saved and become something gigantic, but ATM, It's in a Very bad place and getting worse.

Stanjara169d ago

Halo needs a reboot, like GOW.
343 had a chance and they messed it up.

Old folks (including me) jumped in for two weekends and called old friends to play halo again, but for current times this game is obsolete.

And the show... Oh boy...what they did to my little MasterChef boy...?