IGN's SingStar Q&A - When it's coming and why you shoud care

When SingStar for the PlayStation 3 was announced last year, closet karaoke fans around the world rejoiced at the idea of being able to download new tracks to croon to, upload homemade videos and create a singing profile. All seemed right with the world.

Then, the delays came.

Sick of waiting, IGN went to the go-to guy for all things SingStar -- Associate Producer Ryan Hamlyn. What did the main man have to say about SingStar on the PS3, the future of the franchise and SingStar '90s on the PS2?

SingStar PS3 will be released in the US this coming May, says Ryan Hamlyn in the interview.

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Bor4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

... that sucks for American gamers. It's out in Europe for a couple of months already :D Just ask me and i can tell all about it ;)