Endless Ocean - The Man Room Review

A remarkably low $30 price-tag makes suiting up to explore Endless Ocean quite the bargain. Just don't expect to find a "beat this" or "punch that" videogame in the traditional sense. Endless Ocean is more of a next-generation tool designed to spur interest in learning through non-traditional and interactive ways. In that respect, it's succeeded brilliantly.

• Tranquil, with lots to explore
• Solid soundtrack and visuals, for the Wii
• Great learning tool for young ones

• Would look MUCH better on 360, PS3
• Can be boring unless into marine wildlife

Overall: 7.5

Review by Dan Bradley

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ChickeyCantor4330d ago

" Jeers:
• Would look MUCH better on 360, PS3 "

this person is a moron.....its like saying:

New super mario bros gets a 6 because it would've looked better on the Wii...

yes its all about environment and stuff like that but its still a stupid lame excuus. No reviewer should mention nonsense like that

its the most lamest excuus ive ever heard.