Your PS3 as a home entertainment device

Cape Town - Most people use their Playstation 3s (PS3s) first and foremost for gaming in addition to using it as a blu-ray player to watch high definition DVDs. But what many don't know is that it's also able to stream movies, music and your picture collection on your PC (or laptop) to your TV.

black9114056d ago

Right Now I'm Using My PS3 Web Browser To Stream My Raiders Preseason Game Live.

FamilyGuy4056d ago

Been using it for all it's features for years.
MKVtoVob + Java based Media Server made me cancel my cable service years ago.

iamnsuperman4055d ago

really I find the browser painful to use. I do use iplayer and 4od and its other multimedia functions but not its browser. It really needs an update

WilliamH4056d ago

A PS3 should be the 1st thing you buy along with a HDTV.

StrongMan4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

The PS3 was a home entertainment device when being a home entertainment device wasn't cool. Now home entertainment is first priority for the other console and its cool now.

nukeitall4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

That is like MS claming success for iPhone because they had a smart phone back in 2000....

It doesn't matter what you do, unless it is successful. Otherwise nobody else gives two cents.

That said, the Xbox was an early media center (that the community also released Xbmc) and the PS2 could play DVDs.

Hicken4055d ago

That's not the same at all. Nobody's saying Sony's claiming success for the 360 because the PS3 was an all-around entertainment device first. And not "first" as in "the first ever to do more than game. I feel like I have to add that in there, or you'll take the slight amount of ambiguity there and run with it.

People- particularly Xbox fanboys like yourself- were hating on the PS3 for doing more than just games. However, now that the 360 is taking the same route- replete with web browser- that same crowd thinks it's perfectly okay.

And it IS perfectly okay. But it was also perfectly okay when Sony did it... wasn't it?

nukeitall4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )


Me a fanboy? Nooooo! That's you as evident by your comment history!

"People- particularly Xbox fanboys like yourself- were hating on the PS3 for doing more than just games. However, now that the 360 is taking the same route- replete with web browser- that same crowd thinks it's perfectly okay."

I wasn't even on n4g the when Sony was trying to gain relevance again, so I doubt you now what my thought process was, but to answer your question.

The Xbox 360 has plenty of content, so adding multimedia features isn't an issue. It is an addition and not a replacement. It's widening, not narrowing while cutting out your right arm.

When Sony released the PS3, they barely had any games worth playing, first party or third party. So of course people will be upset when they pay premium for a game console to only get a blu-ray player.

That is not a problem with fanboys, that is a problem with Sony misjudging their customers!

It surprises me that you are that dense to notice that, for one company the customer is rejecting their product, while the other is embracing it. It's not fanboys, but your customers!

Like anything, it's not about releasing a product with certain features. It's about releasing a product with certain features with the proper experience at the proper timing i.e. when the market is ready.

By the way, only fanboys complain about other fanboys because that is all they see!!!

BrutallyBlunt4055d ago


That doesn't make much sense. The original Playstation played music CD's as well so the new factor of being a media device is old. The PS2 also played DVD's and helped the system in that way too. Now the PS3 does BLURAY but the problem was this time the price affected potential gamers. Before many saw it as an added bonus the system could play music and DVD's. So as a gamer it was now a big premium with little benefits since the games didn't really show why the system cost so much. Early on videophiles bought a PS3 since it was a relatively cheap BLURAY player at the time.

PC gaming has negated the cool factor of an entertainment device as well when it comes to the PS3. On the PC you have more formats to choose from to play those videos and more codecs to choose from when listenting to music. Sony called the PS3 a computer early on so don't start saying the PC and the PS3 are two different platforms and shouldn't be compared.

"Like anything, it's not about releasing a product with certain features. It's about releasing a product with certain features with the proper experience at the proper timing i.e. when the market is ready."

Unless you're Apple and make existing things far more consumer friendly and appealing which in turn makes it much more of a success. I look at iTunes and then i look at Sony's Playstation Store. Which do you think consumers would prefer to navigate and connect devices to?

d3nworth14055d ago

PC gaming has not negated the cool factor of an entertainment device. Mainly since most people don't consider a PC as home entertainment even though it can. The ps3 plays all the popular codecs those codecs that it doesnt are the ones hardly anybody uses plus there tones of free converters online. I personal use my ps3 to store and watch videos and keep my PC hdd clean.

TheKayle4056d ago

true i use the browswer a lotssssssssssssss ...also if is a pain in the ass....waiting for the xbox one...let see what they done

TheKayle4055d ago

disagree for what!?!?!?
just crazy

nik666uk4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

The browser is awful most of the time, using it on netflix webpage(not the app) is a nightmare, on play.com the search button doesn't work, google street doesn't work, it took me 3 attempts just to see the latest gtav screen shots on rockstars web page, it won't load facebook desktop without freezing everytime,only facebook mobile, youtube is awful, the curser jumps to the bottom of the screen constantly too!! How hard would it be to update the browser? My htc wildfire s has a better browser!!Apart from that I love my ps3

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naruga1397d ago

Resi 1 and Crash 1 these games go together in my nostalgia filled memory as the start of PS brand afficionando ....and objectively and curiously still remain untouched peaks in their genres ...nothing came close to them

NapalmSanctuary1397d ago

I still have 130 something games for the system.


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hoipexn2591d ago

credits and url fixed; ready to be approved people :)

joeorc2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Good informative video in post, but did you notice something in the video that maybe very interesting in further development's for VR in PSVR?

Something Many might have not caught on about PSVR, and its a really good idea to have the Headset built with this functionality in the headset, and its pretty good that it's included..
I know what it is, I want to see if other people caught it..Hint: it has to do with tracking in VR!
Take careful notice in the 1min 9 to 12 second's of the video..

It's there. And it's a real further Key what Sony has intended to add with PSVR in the future of its tracking.

NET_Nomad2590d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Interesting… notice that during 0:22 – 0:24 of the video, 3 black bands appear, quickly whip around then disappear into PS VR. I think those 3 black bands hint at PS4 Neo's exterior design. [1]

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PhoenixUp2741d ago

This article is wrong in some aspects.

- PS3 has a successful E3 2005. Other than the questionable boomerang controller, everyone was excited about the console. It was E3 2006 that ruffled people's feathers.

- Xbox 360 actually had the slowest start of all 7th gen consoles. PS3 and Wii sold at a faster rate at their respective launches and all throughout most of the generation.

- How can you say that PSN failed? It implemented many features that we take for granted nowadays such as using actual local currency instead of a contrived points system, not locking many of the console's functionalities behind a paywall, having Cross-Buy right out of the gate starting with PS1 Classics, offering AAA games release day one along with the retail version, allowing Remote Play to be accessed anywhere in the world, starting out the gate with dedicated servers, offering a subscription service that gives plenty of value via PS+, and it was nowhere as restrictive as XBL. That sounds like a success to me.

- PS3 actually came in second place because it was always selling at a faster pace than 360 since day one when you align their launches. PS3 ended up selling 86 million while 360 sold 85 million. This is significant because PS3 had one less year on the market and was more expensive throughout most of its life compared to the 360.

- Xbox 360 may have ended up being the favorite platform in North America, but you can't say the same for the rest of the world. In regions such as Europe, Asia, and RoW the PS3 and Wii were always more prominent. That's why those platforms were able to outsell 360 in total sales.