15 Games You Have To Play In September 2012

September isn't nearly as busy as October or November in terms of big releases, but it does a very good job of continuing the busy release season started at the end of August. With that said, here are 15 games you have to play next month.

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NYC_Gamer3748d ago

I'll be picking up FIFA 13 since skipped last year

-Mika-3748d ago

But you're an American. Why would you want to buy Fifa.

NYC_Gamer3748d ago

Because i'm a fan of the sport

BringingTheThunder3748d ago

just cause he isnt from the uk doesnt mean he cant enjoy it

DrTwinkletoes3748d ago

Plus FIFA games are consistently of good quality for annual sports games so he should go for it.

Hicken3748d ago

I... don't even know how to respond to this. I keep trying, but nothing seems adequate enough to explain how exasperated I am at this comment.

I feel like I want to reach into the screen and slap you until your brain resets, but I don't know if that will do any good...

jeseth3748d ago

Americans don't care about Futbol in September ... they care about FOOTBALL.

Soccer sucks.

kcuthbertson3748d ago

Wow jeseth...way to have an open mind.

Good thing the rest of the world is in love with Soccer...chances are if you're the only one not enjoying something, then you're the odd one.

jeseth3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

@ whoever your name is ... we were talking about America, not the world. Read more, react less.

TV ratings in the US fully support my statement. Soccer is behind Football, Baseball, Basketball, amd Hockey in the US ... and NASCAR.

Soccer definitely sucks. "Enjoy" Soccer if you want (I'd rather watch golf ... golfers have more balls than soccer players) but don't try to pretend that soccer is a big draw in the US. MLS is like the WNBA ... not even on par the COLLEGE FOOTBALL nevermind the NFL.

Just a bunch of fairies faking injuries and crying for penalties, thats what Soccer ... oops "Futbol" players are.

Army_of_Darkness3748d ago

I never got it any other year.

MysticStrummer3748d ago

@jeseth - Americans are morons. The world laughs at them, but is also afraid of them, sort of like the big stupid bully with a temper who lives down the street. I'm an american by the way, and it makes me sad to see how idiotic this country has become. Most americans believe in angels and creationism, and scientists are scoffed at as elitist snobs, so please don't offer up american habits as something that should be emulated by the world. NASCAR... smh...

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Crazay3748d ago

YAY!!! Diving and crying with an Xbox/PS3 controller. Fun for the whole family.

BringingTheThunder3748d ago

borderlands 2: get out of my dreams and into my car!

-Mika-3748d ago

The first Borderlands is the reason why I don't buy games off of hype anymore. It was really boring. I never really understood why everyone liked it.

Im definitely renting the 2nd one to see if it improve the gameplay. I don't know what they could to make it more fun but it has to do something If they want me to spend 60$ on it again.

BringingTheThunder3748d ago

if you dont like open world games, it might have been boring but if you like open world games it was a ton of fun.

TrendyGamers3748d ago

I remember picking it up for $40 at launch because Wal-Mart had it really cheap for some reason and I really enjoyed it.

DrTwinkletoes3748d ago

First Borderlands was anything but boring. It can get slow if you play alone, but never boring.

Crazay3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I'm jacked for Borderlands 2 - Just hope the story is better

hulk_bash19873748d ago

If you are playing by yourself then I can see why you didn't enjoying it. The game was meant to be played with others/friends.

jeseth3748d ago

Got Borderlans GOTY for 23 off amazon, was fantastic.

Loved the cell shading ... weapons ... great game.

NeoTribe3748d ago

Your either not a fan or loot grabing, level grinding rpgs or you prolly played alone. Couch coop was prolly the most fun I've had in years and the online was great aswell. Alone was ok but gets alittle boring.

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schlanz3748d ago

Can't wait for this game. Borderlands remains one of my favorite FPS of this generation. I definitely think it was a game that could be refined a lot, so hopefully the sequel improves the areas that were weaker in the original. Either way it's definitely going to be a fun game.

Swiftcricket3748d ago

I played Borderlands completely alone until I was finished with my first 2 playthroughs and still had a blast. Only regret is how long I waited to buy it.

Excalibur3748d ago

Borderlands 2 will be the only thing I'm playing in September.
Then Dishonored in October
Halo 4 in November
Farcry 3 in December.

DrTwinkletoes3748d ago

Dishonored/Xcom: Enemy Unknown-October
Assassins Creed 3-November
Eating my weight in Xmas Candy- December.

soundslike3748d ago

Shit...XCOM is october??

I thought that was Q1 2013 for some reason

schlanz3748d ago

Borderlands 2 with Guild Wars 2 on the side

..or is it the other way around...

TrendyGamers3748d ago

I'll be checking out all of the Indie Games Uprising titles, I'm hoping for some gems.

GamePodunk3748d ago

Agreed, there have been some really enjoyable indie titles this year so far. I would almost say much more so than boxed retail titles.

jeseth3748d ago

Have games become the new music scene? Are you too cool to play awesome games that are proven over time?

Don't be a game snob ... you look like a _____.

What a dope.

RIP_Weazel3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

....Ladies and gentleman, i'd like to introduce you to our newest member of the thought police...
Officer jeseth.
I'm sure you'll agree, free thought, alternate perspectives or independent thought will soon be a thing of the past under our young judgemental go-getters shift.

BootHammer3748d ago

Can't wait for Borderlands 2!!! That and Double Dragon Neon =)

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