Motor Storm - Dirt Bike Skills Gameplay HD

With enough air it seems that one may be able to fly over this course.

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Siesser6359d ago (Edited 6359d ago )

I usually never own more than one racing game, and had my heart set on the next Burnout, but this one's slowly starting to pique my interest. It looks great, and the strategy of which route to take, as well as the sense of hopelessness when on a bike next to a truck should be fun. Given the muddy terrain and many turns, it also prevents the smaller vehicles from just running away, I guess. Sad to see that slowdown about 50 seconds in, but as always, they have time to fix that stuff.

Aramis0016359d ago

Looks very good, something to look forward to. However, I have read a few stories about the lack of speed in the game and this movie seems to concur...

wakkiwakko6359d ago

Those clipping issues are annoying. Couldn't they make it so the camera nudges upward and not through the other vehicle? It’s just awful!

The debris flying out and about is disgusting. It looks so 1996. The shadows aren't that nice. Of vehicles they're great, but of the environment? They’re not that great. The terrible slow down is just... terrible. Visuals are indeed nice and all. But like... the game play doesn't look fun at all. It looks jaggy. The vid lag came from the explosion/destructions and of all the lousy smoke effects. Even in the beta/alpha ps3 should’ve been able to handle some of the raw visuals. Shouldn’t it?

I’m disappointed. All of the gameplay videos I saw for the ps3 only thing I noticed were the nice visuals. Gameplay and everything else weren’t all that good. Even the added visual content like decals/debris/smoke etc did not look that great.

I hope that come release the ps3 games will deliver. I'd hate to see poor quality games. Motor Storm looks poor quality, until it's fixed. If what is seen is the final product then I really do not see a reason for buying this game.

wakkiwakko6359d ago

Admit it. It doesn't look nearly as good as it should. It looks rushed. It should've been better. It should've been THE game to get.

But it isn't. Not every game for ps3 will be perfect and you have to accept that. If you're blinded by the graphics then by all means to waste 600+ on a console of your choice. I'd rather see a game that plays well rather than looks well and this, motor storm, does not look like it will play well.

Telling me to stfu. Please, kid, at least have the common sense to prove me wrong. I saw what I saw. You saw what I saw. I saw what you saw. We both saw the same footage. The same frame lag. The same lousy debris. The same horrible shading. Clipping. Gameplay issues. Magically disappearing shadows/smoke. Horrible decals. Only thing that looks decent in this game is the environment and the vehicle models. That’s all.

JIN KAZAMA6359d ago

are just a jealous 360 hater. Thats all to it. Take a look at the list of gamepro.com most impressive titles. 6 out of the 8 are PS3 titles. Motorstorm was ranked very high, saying it was a blast. You're just a hater, that all to it. So once again, STFU, its getting old, bashing each console. Be hapyy with the 360, and the PS3 will handle its own.

wakkiwakko6359d ago

Aren't you wrong on all levels. Haha. Me with a 360? Are you mad? Also that article you are so kindly talking about was biased on more levels you could handle. I don’t care for 360 games. I don’t care for ps3 games. PS3 games, from what I’ve seen, are filled with eye candy. That is all. Nothing exceptional is within those titles. Racing games are dull, in my opinion. There is no sense of speed in motor storm. Need for speed 2 or 3 HP had a better sense of speed than this silly little title.

And no I’m not bashing a console. Get that through that thick skull of yours. I’m bashing the game. Two entirely different things.

PS3 is capable of a lot of things. Many great wondrous things. As advertised of course. And if this game is one of those great wondrous things, then this game alone, in its own entirety, is an insult to the ps3. It makes ps3 look inadequate. It makes it look average. Well, with the frame lag it makes it look below average. But I know that this game isn’t using ps3 to its full advantage and not every game will suffer from poor/rushed development. So other games might be quite fantastic, as, of course, advertised.

If anything I’m a wii fanboy. Make a joke about the silly phallic controller. Or the dated silly graphics. Or the childish games. Or the idiotic name. Go ahead. What will it prove? How immature you really are? Please. Motor Storm looks like a crap game. It looks like it plays like a crap game. The only thing going for it is the visuals. And that is a sorry reason to buy this game.

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General6359d ago

Funny how you dont comment on the News with new videos from X06, Proves that your jealous of the Xbox 360 and its awesome games ;)

JIN KAZAMA6359d ago

if you think, NOT commenting on the articles of X06 is jealousy, you ever think that I dont give a damn about X06??

shoota336359d ago

Exacly no one gives a dam about X06 or the xbox 360.It is you xbox fanboys commentting in the ps3 sections all day everyday.I think you are the ones that are jealous.

wakkiwakko6359d ago

Can you not use the term fanboy. I mean it's horrible. If someone doesn't agree with your point of view, then they're immediately labeled as a fanboy of a different console. That's rather unfair. Don't you think? Maybe, seeing a game through a fresh pair of eyes does something to someone. I saw the game for what it was. Nothing special. And I'm labeled as a 360 fanboy? Hah.

You know. I once had respect for fanboys of both consoles. They held great respect for their console of choice. But it’s rather silly now to see how everything has evolved.

I’m a gamer. I look at the fun factor in games. I’ve yet to see one in motor storm. Call me a fanboy or what other silly insult you may come up with, but if you think, that by calling me a fanboy of a different console (as being my primary reason to hate this one) you’re achieving something great. Like it’s a legitimate insult or something. You’re wrong. You’re dead wrong.

I clicked on this game because of all the hype I’ve heard and I wanted to see what it was all about. I was disappointed. And I thought I’d share my opinion on how disappointed I was. And I got called an X360 fanboy. How childish. We all should re-register and state our console of preference so that when we insult something, another person could check our profile and see which console we prefer and then they can throw legitimate insults our way and vice versa.


PS360WII6359d ago

Don't yell at the man for pointing out the slow down on the game. Look at Fatal Inersia(however it's spelled) that game "looks" awesome but it does play slow, top speed that is.

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shinoff21832d ago

Wish they'd hurry with these remasters lol. I was hoping to knock them out before ec released.

CUnit1231231d 23h ago

You're telling me. I assume they will likely piggy back of EC hype. But we will have to wait and see.