Battlefield 3 Players Petition Against August Premium Content “Drop”

Level Up Times' Adrian Vergara: "Players not happy with the extras DICE are providing."

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swishersweets200313755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

problem with it is people expected the moon. it is just a extra for pre buying the map packs. I kinda was thinking they would give us more premium dog tags and assignments but i guess the artbook is what we get. i kinda get it because when you buy a ultimate editions it usually comes with a artbook.

Am i happy with it, no but it isnt that bad either. it is kinda lame because the minute they let people get this, it becomes something everyone can look at on google images.

lesson to be learned about this is dont buy a premium service without knowing what you will be getting in total.
I feel kinda ripped off not because of the artbook but because they already are going to be selling the premium edition battlefield in the stores.. i could of saved some money buying the goty edition in the stores over buying the game and then buying the DLC pre order.

HammadTheBeast3755d ago

Thing is, those pics are going to be up everywhere in 5 minutes within their release time. So much for Premium exclusive right?

HSx93755d ago

Doesn't matter why YOU bought it. Dice advertised all the extra features when you bought Premium, you didn't just pay for discounted maps, so they should not be half assing the community with artwork, which would hardly be considered "New Content" by anyone.

ShabbaRanks3755d ago

Wow these people are retarded. Okay I was disappointed a little, but next month in September were going to get SH!T LOADS of new stuff!!! Maps, new vehicles, 100% sure new assignments, dog tags and maybe new weapon camos.

By the way do these cry babies realise how under pressure DICE devs must be. Like come on, EA are like we want the monies hurry up already. Then the Dice employees are like, but we got 2 ½ months to make 4 new maps then port them to 3 different platforms... Ya I know B2K was most likely done before BF3s release, but still. They still have 3 more DLC packs to launch, not to mention BF4 in the works. So I think the developers at Dice got their hands full right now. In the end premium was always about the maps, the rest is just extras, so enjoy the 6day double XP and wait like all the others for Armoured Kill xD

DavidMacDougall3755d ago

Soundtracks, artbooks, pointless items, i never understood that kinda stuff for games, if i paid money i'd want ingame content

WeskerChildReborned3755d ago

Yea true like more customization options.

ThanatosDMC3755d ago

Before that i want them to fix the hacker problem on the PC version. Aimbot waller from across the map and then everybody ends up leaving every night.

AzaziL3754d ago


Paying for customization, a stain of the DLC generation. I'd rather have real DLC like new storylines and levels over cosmetic changes that should be rewarded ingame instead having to pay for it.

jjb19813755d ago

I don't want art, why when I can see the same models in-game? I want camo, new gadgets or something FOR the game not from it.

Detoxx3755d ago

come on guys we will get our in-game content

johnnyvegas3755d ago

Wah Wah Wah! Cry some more you babies. If you buy premium you're getting 10 dollars off than if you were buying each map pack separately. You also get new guns and two weeks early access. Maybe some people like artwork? Quit having "it's all about me" syndrome.

jjb19813755d ago

It's about me when I spend my money on it. Look at you trying to be cool and the one that speaks on behalf of EA... You are a w**nie face!

johnnyvegas3755d ago

No, it's about the masses. They don't try to accommodate 1 friggin person. Get that through your skull. Honestly, I hate EA, but Dice I don't have a problem with and I doubt the artbook had anything to do with EA's decision.

Soldierone3755d ago

People spent an EXTRA 50 bucks because of promised BONUS content, they are entitled to an opinion, and the opinion is the months bonus content sucks!

Not everyone is content with "okay I'll pay, just throw a turd over here and I'll tell everyone that gets mad to shut up."

Its not just one person. The petition alone has over 1000 people, and its rather easy to spot people complaining on the forums too.....

johnnyvegas3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Yep, you said it. "Bonus" content. Dice said they were gonna give us bonus content and did not disclose what the bonus content was going to be when we first bought premium. It's your own damn fault for thinking the bonus content is gonna be one thing when in reality its going to be something else.

Soldierone3755d ago

I actually saw this coming, and didn't like the "good bonus" content at the beginning, so I never bought Premium to begin with lol

However the people that did buy it have a right to say it sucks, because if they don't then this is all they will ever offer. If EA doesn't want to listen, then fine, they will lose customers, no big deal.

Moby-Royale3755d ago

Jesse..... I'm going to need you to go to the hardware store and pick up a plastic tub.... large enough to sit in.....

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