What type of gamer are you?

Via CVG:

"Hoarder, gloater, coward or punisher. Have you ever thought about what kind of gamer you really are?

You may hide it well, or you may find the idea of being pigeonholed repulsive but deep down we all know we're a certain type of gamer, just like we're a certain type of personality. Whether it's aggressive (like the angry German kid) and gleeful or modest and magnanimous, in the heat of battle the truth will out.

So are you the type to collect everything in sight like Amy Winehouse at an Oddbins, or do you jump into every situation all guns a-blazing only resorting to thinking after you've died several times? There's a category out there for everyone, but like astrology this is best not taken too seriously. See what type of gamers we are at the bottom."

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Bill Gates4335d ago

I'm definitely not a BABOON gamer.....AHAHAHHAHHAHA