FAQ: What's next for Microsoft's Yahoo bid?

Microsoft faces several financial and legal hurdles on its way to wooing Yahoo to accept its $44.6 billion buyout bid.

Here's a brief FAQ explaining some of the reasoning behind Microsoft's actions Friday and what may be on the horizon for the two Google rivals in the near future.

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decapitator4325d ago

Did this go through yet ? And by that, i mean did they buy 'em?

OC_MurphysLaw4325d ago

I believe the Yahoo board of directors is still "reviewing" the offer. But given the generous offer it was I am SURE they are getting a lot of heat from shareholders to pull the trigger.

Bill Gates4325d ago

I know what's next on their Yahoo "plan". They're gonna stuff that site with 360 adds everywhere, and all the BABOONS will flock to it like shiet seeing the exit pipe......AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Iron Man 24325d ago


Comment of the year!;)

i rule4325d ago

have you ever had anything constructive to say? Well i guess your third grade education is paying off.Just remember it is best to look stupid, then open your mouth and erase all doubt.

Bill Gates4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Sorry BABOON but I don't work in construction.....AAHHAHHAHAHHA HA

I love two bubbles, it's like being given another chance at life on N4G...AAHAHAHAHA

Too bad I'm already banned from the gamer zone..AHAHAHA

DarkSniper4325d ago

Dark Sniper encourages his Sony Snipers to give Bill Gates a third bubble. N4G needs more positive influences who ensure the truth is told about PLAYSTATION® 3 and it's inferior competitor X-Box 360.

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DarkSniper4325d ago

It sounds to Dark Sniper that Microsoft has it's focus on everything else except improving their water sewage console known as XBOX 360. Suits him fine though, Dark Sniper has enjoyed sharing the throne with his Sony Snipers as we all watch Microsoft's plummet to destruction.

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IntelligentAj4325d ago

Plunge to destruction? Have you seen their latest earnings report? If you haven't you should look at it.

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The story is too old to be commented.