4 Color Rebellion Impressions: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

First of all Vinnk from 4 Color Rebellion wants to state that this post is not meant to rub it in that this game was delayed in the rest of the world. Vinnk is not talking about it to brag or gloat, but to tell you that when it does come out in your area of the world, your patience will be rewarded. It is worth the wait. And shockingly it lives up to the amazing amounts of hype people have been giving it. Read on for more first impressions (spoiler free).

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wiizy4880d ago

i knew this game would be amazing. no other games give you as many options as smash does.. thats why nintendo games deserve to sell..... this game is going to sell into next year..

RiceFiend4880d ago

6 hours and only 10% of single player mode? Sakurai has created something interesting from a game that is supposedly heavily accentuated on multiplayer.