New Tomb Raider not under pressure to out-do Uncharted

Videogamer reports UK publisher Eidos has insisted that superb PS3 exclusive Uncharted: Drake's Fortune's critical and commercial success has not put any pressure on developer Crystal Dynamics to out-do it with the first true "next-gen" Tomb Raider game.

In forum posts across the internet some gamers have expressed concern that Tomb Raider: Underworld, due out late 2008 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, will need to go some way to outshine its treasure-hunting rival Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and may end up suffering from being too similar to the PS3-exclusive.

In an interview with, Kathryn Clements, Tomb Raider's senior brand manager, admitted that there were similarities between the two games, but stressed that "the final Tomb Raider game will be very different to Uncharted", citing different gameplay focuses.

When asked if she had played Uncharted, Clements responded: "I have. I thought it was a good game. We've all played Uncharted at Eidos, and we all thought it was a great game, but actually having played the game, apart from the premise of the storyline and the fact that he's a treasure hunter, it's actually quite different to Tomb Raider, it's actually more focused on combat."

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gamesblow4329d ago

Uncharted has nothing to do with Tomb Raider at all... I wish people would realise this. The two games are so vastly different it's mind boggling. They play absolutely nothing alike... The camera is actually good in uncharted, as is the gameplay. You can actually control Drake. The game focuses on, Story 1st, combat 2nd, platforming 3nd, exploration 4th. 4 things tombraider fails at miserably with each passing installment.

Anyone who's played Uncharted knows it's nothing at all like Tomb Raider... Anyone who hasn't has sour grapes and wishes it was so they aren't the only ones who feel left out of the mix and loop.

If anything, Uncharted plays alot like Pitfall (the cartoony 3-d one) along with Winback, some Gears of War and Killswitch thrown into the mix. That's what best describes Uncharted... But in one word... Awesome! The game is amazing.

games4fun4329d ago

because no expects it to actually tomb raider is alright, but it is not really all that great imo i would choose uncharted over all the tomb raides combined so far

cr33ping_death4329d ago

they are under pressure to make a good game......tomb raider hasnt been the best of franchises

King20084329d ago

Because its almost impossible to create a multiplatform game that can rival an exclusive in the graphics department. I just hope that its a good game because i've missed Lara.

Cyrus3654329d ago

But graphics aren't everything, as long as you can get the mechanics and gameplay down pat.

Sevir044329d ago

uncharted set the tone for next gen tomb raiding and such. superb graphics and amazing combat and well balanced frame rate and great pacing, and excellent platforming. and a story better than alot of the hollywood films out today. and better acting as well. while the last lara game for PS2 and 360 was ok. it was greatly over shadowed by uncharted, in every way... with that being said. the first true next Gen lara will prolly be good even great but a multiplatform game will never ever have the kind of attention a well put to gether game thats exclusive will have, especially when it from ND on the PS3...

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