Microsoft's is losing its grasp on the technology markets

The Xbox 360 is a disaster of resources and destroyed customer loyalties, Windows Vista is a name murmured only in hushed tones, and some of Microsoft's highest ranking execs are jumping ship. Microsoft is a sinking ship, and is losing passengers to every one of its competitors.

Does it not strike anyone else as odd that the bigwigs of the Xbox team, and even Bill Gates himself, have left their posts? When I say the Xbox 360 is a disaster, I'm simply pointing to evidence that, as suggested by an "inside" source in a recent article, Microsoft released the 360 anticipating a 1 in 3 failure rate, and figured Bill's big bank account could weather the storm.

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niall774326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

But the rise of apple and the fact people are buying Macs again.
A mac is a option for people now which Macs havent been since before windows 95

and lets not forget the bad reviews for Vista and the current trend for "upgrading to XP"

there has been alot of bad PR for MS over the last 2 years, RROD, Vista, DRM and they need to get on top ot this if they want to remain the world leader for the future

TheTwelve4326d ago

I said that people were saying that Microsoft was doing poorly in many fronts, and that they should do a google search to see what people are saying. Well, here's an example of what I'm talking about.

Still too early to say that Microsoft is a huge, lumbering, slow sinking ship. But the signs seem to point that way and I would not be surprised at all if this article is very accurate.


SKullDugger4326d ago

Because of bad products, MS took this path now its time to pay the piper, I use to be a big MS fan the org. XBOX and then the 360 but with all the hardware failures 4 myself and 2 for my son I said thats it I agree their its ok we will replace it is BS and the PR MS has gotten is their own fault!!!!!

godofthunder104326d ago

i'm tired of hearing this story.gates said he was stepping down as the head of microsoft this year about 5 years ago and as for as people saying microsoft is loosing its grip need to check what they made this year,as a matter of fact microsoft made a bigger profit this year then last year.
i know that some people been disappointed in microsoft for different reason and some of them are leget but just because they have a lot of people complaining on line doesn't mean that microsoft is loosing its grip and another thing,microsoft moved up on the list of the 2000 biggest companies in forbes magazine this if it's true what preople are saying then why is it that microsoft moved up on the list.
the reason that they have false stories like this about companies especially microsoft is because a lot of people hate them and will do anything to make thim look bad even lie at times.
if microsoft is falling people need to tell them that they are suppose to drop down on the list of biggest companies in the world and not up.hell i found this article on line and i like people to read it and tell me if microsoft is falling

Personal income, boosted by a large dividend payment from computer software giant Microsoft Corp., shot up by a record 3.7 percent in December. That helped to boost consumer spending during the all-important holiday season by 0.8 percent.

The Commerce Department reported Monday that the income gain would have been a smaller 0.6 percent in December without the one-time $3 per share dividend payment Microsoft made on Dec. 2. Even that reduced figure would have been an improvement over the 0.4 percent rise in personal incomes in November.

While it is highly unusual for a dividend payment from a single company to have such a major impact on incomes, Microsoft is one of the most widely held stocks in America. The size of the payment — $32 billion — rivaled the $38 billion the government paid out in federal income tax rebates.


barom4326d ago

I don't really like MS's game division but I don't really see why people hate Vista.

I think Vista is actually pretty great. I can never go back to Windows XP again. Because of all the small functions, like searching for a program in the start bar or whatever it's called. The gadgets on the side and I guess those type of stuff. Of course the requirements are high but once you got that, there's nothing to worry about.

JsonHenry4326d ago

I have not had any problems myself with Vista, and my 360 is a launch day trooper and has never broke down on me. Can't say that I have anything against MS myself.

I do use Mozilla instead of IE7 though...

jorellpogi4326d ago

360 is a bad investment. My unit died and is beyond repair. We don't have the 3 year warranty by MS. 33%+ failure rate will turn off consumers.

IntelligentAj4326d ago

I really and truly hate seeing stories like this. MS is a sinking ship ship though it posted a couple of billion dollars in profit for the 4Q 2007? Are you serious? How can a company that makes that much money and has that strong of a stranglehold on the PC be failing? Vista is a little buggy but nowhere near as bad as people say it is. I ran vista on my 2 year old laptop fine and it hasn't crashed yet. Never mind the fact that it still has pretty good sales. And Mac's have little to do with the decline(100% sarcasm on that one) of MS as they only own like 10% of the PC market. Sinking ship? Losing ground? Be serious. If a being a sinking ship is making that money then hell let me drown.

LJWooly4325d ago

Go find a laptop that was made within the last year or so that doesn't have Windows Vista pre-installed, then you'll know why Vista has pretty good sales.

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shotputking4326d ago

gotta love these fanboy-centric articles. microsoft is doing so horribly that the U.S. government had to extend their anti-monopoly legislatives another two years, i guess because microsoft is collapsing. every windows launch since 3.1 (that's as far back as i can remember) has had all sorts of problems, so why would vista be any different. i'm sure the acquisition of yahoo will only speed up this apparent end to microsoft. forget how much money they are making, bill gates has left his position in the company, so he must have seen this bloggers point of view.


Well, Rome doesnt burn in one day. No, Im not saying MS is going down or anything, they will be with us at least another decade or 2, but I do agree with MS has to revamp its image.

antoinetm4326d ago

they should split the company, that would be the best thing to do as assets would be better valued. But if i was bill i wouldn't do it because
it feels good to be the king.

Oprah Without MakeUp4326d ago

How did this propaganda get approved?

GameOn4326d ago

As a happy 360 owner i only care about the games. Looking at the release schedule theres plenty of quality games to fill my needs.

Enigma_20994326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

The same way the PS3 flamebait articles do, I assume...

Yeah, it COULD be written off as fanboy rambling, I admit, if not for the fact that it also has a slight bit of truth to it.

But yeah, the fanboy overtones in the article are blatantly apparent.

Wow... all these deleted comments... I LOVE this zone!

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The_Engineer4326d ago

I wasn't too sure about this new system but now that I see "deleted by mod" next to "The Mart", I think it's PRICELESS!!!! lol