Ten Big Announcements

A Halo RTS, a partnership with film director Peter Jackson and a price for the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on are just a few of the announcements made at Microsoft's X06 briefing in Barcelona today. Here's a quick run-down...

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PS3OWNESXBOX3605915d ago

He talks crap his whole idea on marketing the 360 is to tell lies, i mean for all we know the 360 will need the HD-DVD ad on and then what Sony wins, that would be funny!

Aflac5915d ago

u sure as hell act like it, stfu and leave

General5915d ago

Ah no wonder you hate Peter, He is way better than Kaz, And the 360 is way better than PS3.

Jay da 2KBalla5915d ago (Edited 5915d ago )

Man I juss downloaded the X06 conference. They played assasins creed on 360 and it was amazing! Gameplay, visuals, it was all unbelievable. The stealth abilities are unmatched. I'm so happy microsoft secured this game for 360.

calderra5915d ago

If there was fuss over Assassin's Creed BEFORE this, it'll be zealous fervor now. GOOD GOD that was a cool demo. The crowd physics... environmental interaction... holy cow.

This X06 destroyed! Halo Wars, Assassin's Creed, DOOM and MK3 on Live Arcade, the HD-DVD and Peter Jackson and...

Wow. Just wow.

Islandkiwi5915d ago

This is one of those things that goes off your radar but will likely be under your xmas tree. My dvd player is getting old, and if I ca get a cheap hd-dvd player that will also upconvert regular dvd's...well, that's tough to say no to.

And I know Sony people will say "ha! You're spending more money!" Well, that's true...but not everyone has to.

Dusk5915d ago

It's funny to see a Sony fan talk about telling lies.

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