GTA 5: ‘Business’ Screenshots Analysis – More Secrets & Gameplay Revealed

NowGamer has analysed the latest 'Business' GTA 5 screens to see what information they hold.

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ilikestuff3759d ago

agreed but what I'm more intrigued by is the bi-plane screenshot, graphics look pretty awesome

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3759d ago

Oh no!! Why did you say that! Here come all of the PC Elitists to prove you wrong. :O RUUUUUUUN!!!!

boyzilla3759d ago

@Blondie, where did that comment come from? I'm a PC gamer and I think I speak for all of us when I say that it looks amazing.

DoomeDx3758d ago

Nobody noticed the laser sight?
Its an AK.
In the trailer you see AK's, but with a scope and silencer.

Weapon customization? Make it happen!

brodychet3758d ago

the lighting on the last picture makes him look like a zombie o.o

Shotcalm3759d ago

told you we would play as the guy driving the red car in the trailer....his name is Adrian

ab5olut10n3759d ago

you can't always trust rockstars screenshots. i remember a shot from gta4 of a multiplayer game where one player was piloting a chopper and another was leaping down on top of an armored car. i was crazy stoked only to find out upon release that you could only hang on the top of ONE vehicle in the entire game, and it was a scripted sequence. just saying, take these with a grain of salt. they may just be cool looking set up shots.

MadMen3759d ago

They need to just let you make customized character, and pick your own name. I feel more attached when i can make my own character.

In other news no GTA compares to Vice City

blind-reaper3759d ago

Definitively not, GTA wouldn't be the same without Tommy Vercetti, CJ, Niko or even "The Mute" Claude Speed, but I do want more customizability like in San Andreas.

Tenac873759d ago

"Okay, this is definitely not the guy from the GTA 5 trailer, so is definitely a new playable character"

"f it’s you’re doing the sniping, though, who’s doing the flying? An NPC? Or another human player? Fingers crossed for some kind of GTA 5 co-op mode"

"Interestingly there are two seats… does this suggest a co-op mode?"

"If there were ever any doubts about another playable character, then this should lay them to rest"

Really guys? Really.. Speculation I can see but this is just rediculous. "THE PLANE HAS TWO SEATS! OMG CO-OP MODE!" By that logic a car has 4-5 seats. GUYS 4-5 PLAYER CO-OP! And if I have doubts about a new playable character, I should lay them to rest? no.. Ever think that you're the one driving the truck, And this is some NPC trying to steal cars from you? Or something OTHER then undeniable proof?

A2X_3759d ago

How can this be an NPC when you see his face on 3 different pictures? he was also driving the red car in the trailer I think.

Imo, there is a good chance for multiple playable characters. Only time will tell.

boyzilla3759d ago

I still believe in the 3 character theory, from the first trailer you can see the hispanic guy with the fade that drives the red car, the black dude that was running from the cops, and the white guy that was narrating. The first set of screen shots had the white dude, the 2nd set had the guy in the red car, and this set has the black guy. Either it's 3 characters with an intertwining story or you play as 1 but they're all key elements to the story. Just my thoughts.

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The story is too old to be commented.