Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection is a fun game if you've got what it takes | Kentucky Review

Kentucky writes: If you already have a Move, Sharpshooter, a friend and a nice TV, and if you haven't played the Chronicles games already on Wii, you're sure to find a lot to love from Capcom's latest Resident Evil offering.

If you're missing more than one or two of these prerequisites, I would recommend waiting for Resident Evil 6 to hit in October to get your survival-horror fix.

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Phil322841d ago

I enjoyed both games on Wii, and I'd love to play them again on the PS3. I just don't own a Move or any of the prerequisite hardware needed for the game. But if you do have everything, these games -- especially Darkside Chronicles -- are great.

Skate-AK2841d ago

You can use a Dualshock controller and still play the game.

Phil322841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

That's absolutely boring to play a game like that with a regular controller, imo. I think rail-shooters should be played with pointer/light gun controls for maximum fun.

Krimmson2841d ago

Me personally, I wasn't too crazy about Darkside Chronicles. The game is filled with way too much shaky cam, something that shouldn't exist in Rail Shooters.

It's disappointing because RE 2 and Code Veronica are my favorite REs so I was hoping that I would enjoy it in the railshooter fashion.

Treian2841d ago

RE6 is not "survival-horror"