Tearaway Preview: World of Papercraft | EuroGamer

EuroGamer: "Tearaway's a game built for the Vita in the same way that LittleBigPlanet was a game built around the new connected world that consoles such as the PlayStation 3 introduced. There's nothing as lofty as the Game 3.0 conceit, and nor does it share the motto of 'Play, Create, Share'. Instead it's a thoughtful and characterful exploration of all that the Vita can do."

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G20WLY3264d ago

Loving the innovation in this game :)

Aceman183264d ago

indeed this is one game you won't see anywhere else, and MM as a developer are absolutely brilliant. this is a automatic day one purchase.

GodHandDee3264d ago

One of my most anticipated games of 2013!