PS3 scores big on Aussie TV giveaway deal

Via Gamespot AU:

Sony recently released figures showing 155,000 PS3s were sold in Australia last year, but Ephraim says the 28,000 given away as part of the Bravia deal were not included as part of this figure because industry data tracker GfK Australia "doesn't report on a console if it's given away free". This would make the PS3's Australian base more than 180,000 units. By comparison, Microsoft's Xbox 360 has a reported Aussie install base of 306,000 units, while the Nintendo Wii has 300,000 units.

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PSWe604331d ago

It all adds up in the end. That's 22,000 more high def T.V.s with PS3 in homes and that many more PS3 games and Blu-Ray movies.

The Killer4331d ago

thats what i think, if u think else explain why.
my reason for this prediction is because of the games and ps3 will be in the price range of the mass market $299!

dale14331d ago

these sony bravia deals with ps3 have sold thousands upon thousands in the eu i did ask a sony centre if they counted as sales when my brother got his,no as it is a package deal nor do ps3 sales with contract phones
this could be a good way of hiding the real numbers from sony,s competition either way its a good way of moving more hardware