CVG previews: Tomb Raider Underworld

CVG writes: "Man, it feels good to be writing about Lara again without the nagging impression that the old girl was so past it she ought to have been embarking on a Saga holiday rather than another jaunt to ravage the hidden tombs of Peru and Nepal."

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gamesblow4328d ago

LAra is old hat... Every game replicating the adventure strokes has done a better job at it than the creators of Tomb Raider ever did. Indiana Jones and the Infernal machine was better than any Lara Croft game ever made. Pitfall for ps2 was better than any Tomb Raider game ever made.

All there is to it. Tomb Raider games are clunky, boring, sparse, bland, unimaginative games. They have no story to them. You are simply using an avatar to traverse absurd puzzles.

The funniest thing... People always say the puzzles are so amazing. Puzzles are so amazing. So hard. How could they not be? You couldn't see a damn thing in a tomb raider game. Everything was meshed together in ugly washed out granulated textures. You never knew where to go because everything looked the same. Thus making the puzzles "HARD"

I'm so done with Lara Croft and Tomb Raider.