Review Recall: A Game of Thrones: Genesis [Press2Reset]

We're bringing back some of the old titles with the Review Recall. First up, Marc revisits the lands of Westeros to make secret dealings and liberations.

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acidbrn2909d ago

So far every game based on the Game of Thrones franchise has been a disappointment. Too bad being the books and show are so great.

philpee22909d ago

It's odd how some licenses, like Star Wars, Batman, The Witcher and Transformers, have lent themselves so well to video games, while so many others just continue to produce mediocrity.

acidbrn2909d ago

Seems rather hit and miss for a lot of franchises. Every other superhero title is worth playing, and some should just be left to rot, Superman, and others are just passable.

So i guess it all comes down to the developers. Right holders need to start being more selective to who they give permission to make games based of their property, so as to avoid potentially tarnishing the franchise.