IGN Game of the Month: January 2008

Via IGN:

"It wasn't the highest scored game of the month, but it's certainly the one we'd recommend if you've got a chance to play one (and just one) game this month. No More Heroes has its issues, but if you can put aside any technical shortcomings or strange pacing issues found with the game's open world portions, you're in for one of the most stylistic and fresh game designs we've seen in years. Suda 51 has imagined a world that's truly unique, created some of the most abstract and energized characters out there, and teamed it with unapologetically violent and stylistic gameplay. No More Heroes is as much about pure, classic action as it is cinematic entertainment. It may not be the most technically sound product on Wii, but it's a must-have for hardcore gamers, and a truly imaginative experience. Rent it, buy it, or steal it; just make sure you play it."

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Night4ll4325d ago

I haven't played the full burnout game, I'm sure its good but I'm not going to buy it because it lacks split screen... and I have friends over a lot. But no more heroes is such a weird but extremely fun game... it's the only game I bought in January, and it was well worth it...