New Trailer for Ragnarok Odyssey

XSEED releases a new trailer to coincide with the surprise news announcement for Ragnarok Odyssey.

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Noaxzl2249d ago

Interesting trailer. Would've liked to see some gameplay, though.

guitarded772249d ago

There's a ton of gameplay vids on YouTube. One guy in particular imported from Japan and translates some of the text into English while he plays. Can't wait for this game to come to the State... one of my most anticipated titles for 2012. I would import, but this is one of those games where you really need to read to know what's going on.

Lazy_Penguin2249d ago

True. Would have liked more combat, but for about a minute trailer, it was pretty good :)

fatalis952249d ago

the demo was amazing can't wait for the western release

r212249d ago

Yeah demo was fun. Loved the combat system :D

ClintonBeardsley2249d ago

I'm sooo tempted to get a Vita for this and Persona 4.