Ghostbusters Media Blitz

Last November when Gameinformer revealed Ghostbusters on Gameinformer December issue cover, it sent the Internet into a dizzy. Not only will Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murry and Ernie Hudson be doing voiceovers for the game, but Aykroyd and Ramis are actually writing the game's script. Because the two penned the earlier movies, fans will be getting exactly what they could ever want out of a Ghostbusters game.

Now Gameinformer ready to blitz you again with a huge load of media. Gameinformer have almost 200 screenshots, renders and art pieces for you to pick through and drool over, Slimer style. So enough talk, click the Screenshots tab above and browse the huge gallery!

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Alcohog4891d ago

<---Will buy it because its Ghostbusters.

GodsHand4891d ago

When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who are you gonna' call?

games4fun4891d ago

lol now i have to buy it because if they play that music anywhere in the game it would be worth it

darkside4891d ago

i hope they add ghostbuster blu ray movie to that! it would be great!!!

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games4fun4891d ago

its nostalgia but the game actually looks good and i might actually buy it, the gameplay pretty much has to be good you capture ghosts how can that be bad? i also like the horror elements/dark lighting they added for effect its at least worth a look

Brixxer6004891d ago

I agree with you there, the game looks decent and with Aykroyd and Ramis penning the script it should be funny, let's hope it doesn't go wrong because Ghostbusters has to be one of the coolest franchises you could choose to make a game.

Rusted4891d ago

Some pics looks really nice but other looks terrible, but is ok cuz is in plain development. The cemetery screenshots looks awesome tough.

xionpunk4891d ago

Does this have co-op? because that would seriously kickass. You'd have to be careful not to cross streams though...

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