EA: PS3 to Outsell 360 This Year

GamerTM writes:

"Electronic Arts has predicted that the Wii will remain the dominant platform in the West in 2008, but that the PS3 will enjoy better sales than the 360."

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YoMeViet4333d ago

Did I read it right? EA said that? And here I thought EA favored the 360...

Cwalat4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

we dont need EA telling this to us, PS3 already outsold 360 2007, why wouldn't they outsell them in 2008 ?

PS3 has all the great lineup then, 360 has nothing then, (Gears wont probably make it 2008, if its gonna deliver then Epic is gonna take their time, considering half the staff still working on UT3 for 360)...

dont come with halo wars, 360 freaks only play FPS.(except for Gears)

And yes, if EA dont make better games on PS3 then they really shouldn't speak anything about PS3...

fenderputty4333d ago

to stop sucking as PS3 devs now. Maybe we can get some decent multi plat games from them.

Hapimeses4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

No, I think it's fairer to say that EA favours its own profits, and currently it is generally more profitable to release on the 360 than PS3; thus it appears to favour the 360. However, that doesn't blind EA to the market trends, and if it appears the PS3 is to sell more, it will change its strategies. Of course, individuals in EA may favour the 360, but as a company they are always going to be led to the profits; they can't afford to play favourites when customers are voting with their wallets. Thus, predictions like this may appear out of character, but only if you view EA as supporting the 360 rather than seeing it for what it actually is: a big business in it for the cash.

Further, you must also remember that EA still seems to have a few issues with coding for the PS3, so its going to appear skewed to 360 as it finds it easier to build games for that platform. However, now that the PS3 seems it will be used as lead platform more often, it seems likely many of these issues will vanish entirely.

In short, EA is a busness, and is after the cash. If it forecasts the PS3 is going to sell more, it will say so, and attempt to subtely influence the market in that direction supporting the decisions it takes for furture games on each platform. It seems like a sound business practice to me, although Microsoft may not be enamoured by it.

TheTwelve4333d ago

EA is subject to bandwagon-jumping just like any other company that wants to make money. I'm sure that their "problems" with developing for the PS3 will suddenly disappear in 2008. Hapimeses hit it on the head.


JewyMcJew4333d ago

It's nice to see some people around here embrace good-old-fashion business sense rather than fan-boy conspiracy theories.

Oh, and anyone interested in why GM killed the electric car? It's because the car sucked and was costing GM a small fortune. :)

Cryxen4333d ago

We have to remember that this year there is no Halo. That was MS's big gun and if the 360 couldn't pull enough support from it to outsell the ps3 then Sony has my expressed authority to crack out the bubbly.

MikeGdaGod4333d ago

this falls in the "no sh!t" category

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Relcom4333d ago

there not gonna suck a$$ at making PS3 games?????

Rice4333d ago

True say... They can say stuff all day but when it comes to developing for the ps3, they suck As*.

kingOVsticks4333d ago

ohh lets not go overboard only baby steps pal

ravinash4333d ago

Hopefully if they are taking the PS3 more seriously they'll be making more of an effort in the builds.
But they have a long way back to re-build their reputation.

makatak4333d ago

sooner or later even M$ is going to say that the PS3 would outsell the 360

ravinash4333d ago

Have you ever seen MS admit if they were the underdog for anything?

The Killer4333d ago

i was waiting for EA to give the prediction of ps3 sale in 2008... NOOOOT!!

Skerj4333d ago

Shut up and make your programmers stop making shoddy PS3 counterparts, and Burnout Paradise doesn't count.