New Playstation 3 this Autumn?

Trawling the CES show last month, happened across a rather juicy piece of gadget gossip.

According to a particularly well-informed insider, it seems that the Big S is prepping an all new PlayStation 3. The new incarnation is supposedly slimmer, lighter weight, and sexy as hell.

It's not as if Sony haven't got a history of making things slimmer and, er, lighter: The PSP shed a lot of its weight last summer, the original PlayStation ended up as the minuscule PSOne, and the PlayStation 2 re-incarnated as the PSTwo, which was an all-round sexier piece of kit to boot. Roll on PSThree?

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Frances-the-Mute5015d ago

Its pretty early for redesign, but hey, we were going to see it sooner or later.


decapitator5015d ago

Bringing sexy back for real. Wow. Am amazed. I would buy another PS3 just for this. Damn. It looks like what Apple would have brought to the console arena if they decided to enter. Wow. This is slick.

Tempist5015d ago

Alright lets be serious here, it's not going to happen any time soon. Fact of the matter is to make it slimmer and cooler running, they have to be pushing out 45nm chips, and they haven't even been putting the 65nm chips to use.

Joined on with the fact that the cell processor production has been sold to another company, has it not? And to strip the machine down further you'll have to pull the net port, PSU would have go external, and lots of the hardware would have to be miniaturized.

Perhaps in 3-4 years yes, but for now all I'm going to say is that it's sitting pretty on the drawing board.

BrianC62345015d ago

I disagree, it's not too soon for a redesign. The reason to do it would be Sony found a way to make the PS3 run cooler. The current shape most likely is for cooling purposes. The PS3 has a lot of power in it and needs a way to keep cool inside. The case was designed for that purpose. As technology improves though they can find ways to make things smaller and create less heat. Why not change the case? A smaller and sleeker case would mean a cheaper case too so one more way to cut costs.

Tempist5015d ago

But the current model and design is not having many/any over heating issues. If anything, I urge you to see pictures of an opened PS3 and see it's cooling unit now and explain how you're going to reduce that and still have the same performance.

Remember as well that the original PS2s where mostly cooling as well. I think you need to look into what technological changes and re-designs had to happen for them to slim it down and have it run super cool.

INehalemEXI5015d ago

That looks killer, I hope they do come with a slim like that.

BrianC62345015d ago

"But the current model and design is not having many/any over heating issues."

Tempist - Was this meant for me? I know the PS3 isn't having cooling problems. It's because it was well designed. But over time parts change. Chips get reduced from several to one. The same thing done in six chips suddenly can be done in one chip. When you have enough changes like that you can redesign the case. A big case can be slimmed down since there won't be a need for the extra space inside the case.

This was the big problem for the 360. The 360 wasn't really designed by engineers I guess. Maybe it was by gamers instead. Sony understands design. The first PS2 was huge. The slim PS2 was a lot thinner. The slim PS2 used a lot less chips. I think Sony will soon do that with the PS3. I'm not saying this story is real but I can see it happening. It's very possible.

OmegaKulu5014d ago

For one I think it is doable to slim down the ps3, BUT timing sounds a bit too early for it.
The 40GB mobo now is only about 2/3 of the original size,

With heat sinks the size close to the ones on the 360, a small 2 block approach, not the humongous one u see in the 60/80GB. So a even smaller heat sinks are possible when new chips are used.

The BD drive size is going down as the news of a much smaller blue laser diode been around for a bit. All thats left is the PSU, and dealing with that shouldn't be all that problematic, even if it means to be external.

@Tempist - the Cell processor plant sony sold is only able to produce 90nm chips, so once they move to smaller chip set that plant will be useless, and it's easier/cheaper to ask IBM/Toshiba to make it for you when they making/upgrading a plant for it.

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Iron Man 25015d ago

Awesome news,I love my PS3 but is is way too big,a slim PS3 would be more than welcomed!;)


I went out last week and bought a 60GB PS3, I love the function, style, quite running and over all potential. It feels more like a computer to me. I have rented every good game that is out for it and only liked Drake's Fortune. I was anxious to try COD 4 since I play that all the time on my 360, now how did it fair? Well honestly it looked and felt mostly the same with one minor difference, and one large difference, that being the PS3's very most backgrounds flickered at the building tops, Ok, and aside from that the big one was the flimsy controller. The PS3 controller seems to be good for light gaming and UI control, other than that it's horrible for an intense shooter, it litterally felt like it would eventually break. So I am currently playing Uncharted and think it is fun but very easy(on Hard).

BOTTOM LINE!! Why would anyone be readily anxious to dump another $600 in a pretty kool game system that happens to be the under achiever of the year? The PS3 has very little gaming future over the behemoth that is the XBOX 360. Sad but True

For the record I find the graphics on the PS3 exclusive games like Drake's to be Dazzling and colorful compared to anything I have seen on the 360, and Blu-ray also seems to have the edge in the color department also. Their is an organic feeling to the characters that is pretty kool.

JVIDICAN5015d ago

better exclusive list then the 360 for 2008 and years to come =P

Maddens Raiders5015d ago

you're full of it mate. You're one of the bigest SNE haters on this site and you try to come in here with that coy b.s. -- please, spare us the histrionics, ok?

"The PS3 has very little gaming future over the behemoth that is the XBOX 360. Sad but True"

Once a troll, always a troll.

You did get one thing right though,

"For the record I find the graphics on the PS3 exclusive games like Drake's to be Dazzling and colorful compared to anything I have seen on the 360, and Blu-ray also seems to have the edge...."


darkside5015d ago

Maddens Raiders and I saw that BS a mile away!! now run along and cry to your mom.

BrianC62345015d ago

"BOTTOM LINE!! Why would anyone be readily anxious to dump another $600 in a pretty kool game system that happens to be the under achiever of the year? The PS3 has very little gaming future over the behemoth that is the XBOX 360. Sad but True"

Irishcaliber is an obvious Xbot. Don't bother posting garbage like that. You know you didn't do what you said. The PS3 has a lot of huge games coming this year. And people who own a PS3 won't have to buy the new model. That seems to be what 360 owners like to do though, buy the new model since it has features the other models don't have.

And what's with the $600 comment? Why would the new model cost $600? It won't. That's the price of the first model.

Bubble Buddy5014d ago

Irish: I went and bought an Xbox 360 arcade with Bioshock, Halo 3 and Mass Effect. But before i can play it, it broke down with red rings. So i sent it back to MS and 2 weeks later I got another one. I bought the hd drive add-on but the guy at the store said my choice for movies was limited. Then when I tried to make a save file for all of my stuff it says it ran out of memory so I had to waste another 100 for a hard drive. Why trick the customer? I never knew you should play arcade games on them.
I love the 360 controller and immediately started playing online. But I forgot that 360 had no wi-fi so i had to go out and buy one. I played all 3 games and I loved it except for the flickering white thingies in all the games. Then on the next day it red ringed again.

Bottom Line: Why would anyone pay 400$ to play a console that breaks easily, no wi-fi, their supporting hi-def is dead, pay for online

For the record the online service is very well done and the games are amazing. There is a very good vibe while playing them all.

END SARCASM/ Yeah, pretty much bull eh? 360 and ps3 both rock. Gears and Resistance are one of the two best franchises for me especially with the sequels coming up.

IRISHCALIBER5014d ago (Edited 5014d ago )

Madden's it's a shame you have fused your bloodline with the PS3 as I am sure you have just sentenced your lineage to an underwhelming demise. LOL

For the idgits here otherwise known as PS fanboys, I have infact purchased a 60GB PS3. I also did download the demo for or rent, Lair, COD 4, Heavenly sword, Drake's(which i bought), Conan, etc. about 20 titles in total. As I stated the only one worth playing is Drake's and it is very easy on hard(will try on "Real" when unlocked). Conan was even better on XBOX 360, because there is more play in the analog buttons. You have to really mash on the PS3 buttons for full strength.

I invested in HD-DVD, and the fools dropped the ball. Can't say I'm that disapointed though as I do like Blu-ray, but had to invest in a Blu-ray player(PS3). Why buy a stand alone when I could get a PS3 for the same investment.

(Actually I didn't pay cash for the 60GB PS3, I traded my Nintendo Wii for it straight up, by advertising on Craig's List)

Like I said the PS3 is pretty kool overall but as a gaming machine, 360 has got it beat.

Again, why would you pay another $$$.$$ for a console that hasn't proven it's self yet????

INSANITY? or Dependency? is all I can figure!!

Before I got a PS3, the Elite 360 hit the market, other than the larger HDD I saw no sense what so ever in "Upgrading". With it's crippled HDMI support and lackluster Black finnish this was having no place in my home as an upgrade. UPGRADE! WHY? Is your original broken allready? OH! I get it, it's a kool, stylish thing that will make me liked by other BOTS of SONY or MS nature. LOL

What more proof do you need that I own a 60GB PS3!

OH! By the way I am probaly more advanced in my ownership of a PS3 than most of you. I have my Remote play hooked to my new PSP, have a 4GB SD loaded with movies in my PS3 that I can remotely access via web or network. No remote gameplay yet but hopefully as XBOX squeezes their nutz they will compete by introducing more must have features!!

Long Live the MS vs. SONY War, may it raise the bar and bring us all a plethora of new choices!!

Madden's is no leader to the PS3 fanboys, he will only bring you down to his closed minded being in this life! : )

If you have any feature questions about the PS3 please feel free to ask as I have disected every feature the 60GB has to offer!!

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MaximusPrime5015d ago

making ps3 slim will probably sell more than xbox 360.

I still love the original PS3.

pharmd5015d ago

It will definitely silence the "george foremane cooker" comparison and maybe be more alluring to the people who are concerned with the aesthetics but I still have the 60gig released on day one and feel that it truly is the best one made, if i need to i'll swap the HDD sometime but other than that, just like mcdonalds man, im lovin it!!

jvsantos5015d ago (Edited 5015d ago )

lol... Goerge Foreman cooker.

I'll keep my 60GB PS3 (now 160GB) over any of the new models as well!

Only things I would change to it would be:
-2xUSB ports on the back
-Be able to allocate more than 10GB for "OtherOS"
-Be able to put in more RAM (like we can swap the HDD). 256mB too little for Linux :(

MrWonderful5015d ago

slim and with no fans would be nice. not that i can really hear them now

captainpwn5015d ago

It took Sony 5 years to redesign the PS2, they wont rush the PS3. Besides, its not like the crappy designed 360. Things like the cell, bluray, and RSX add weight to the system, weight they can't put down unless they want to make hardware as sh1tty as the 360.

Lifendz5015d ago

Personally, I love the PS3's design. The black glossy finish with the chrome trim is so nice to look at. If Sony wants to redesign the PS3 I'm sure it'll be for the better. Even if it isn't, it won't look as generic as a 360.

Kleptic5015d ago

I am fine with the way the PS3 looks right now...but I have to admit I recently saw a friend's 20gig, which is the only sku with all black finish (no chromo trim), and it was awesome looking...

I wish you could get that piece if you wanted it...I more or less despise chrome overall...and would much prefer having the entire thing black...