Japanese Games Shouldn't Get a Free Pass

gamrReview: "The Bearded Gamer talks about how Japanese games are perceived by gaming journalists and why there shouldn't be a double standard."

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Spectator12404d ago

I don't think they do tbh (and I don't actually like most Japanese games). I think the fans of Japanese gaming often give them a free pass, but hey, they like what they like. Gaming journalists don't give them a free pass at all tho imo.

ChickeyCantor2403d ago

Not so good fap material you're seeing?

Whitefeather2403d ago

Actually I'm straight but I happen to have a real beard and I'm surprised he is called the bearded gamer yet he doesn't not have a full beard. Thanks for the petty insult though.

ChickeyCantor2403d ago

Hey, enjoy life more. Getting your panties in a bunch over someones beard. It's rather insulting that you had to call him out on his beard for your own manhood. How is his beard insulting your beard?
He has a beard. Just a trimmed one. Get over it.

Whitefeather2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

You tell me to get over it yet you don't get over some random person's comment and go and make a gay joke? Ironic and hypocritical.

About his beard firstly it was a joke about his name and the state of his beard, secondly I don't care about his beard nor his video or site.

Lovable2404d ago

*Look at Jrpgs that came out* what is he talking about?

*Look at bug fest games that western developers released* perfect 10s

TeaDouble_E2404d ago

ZING! You hit the nail right on the head my friend. Your comment reminds me of Bugthesda game's and how lazy developers are this generation.

humbleopinion2403d ago

Your point? Zynga games are pretty bug free, but they're plain copycat crap. If your game doesn't have any bugs AT ALL, it's probably just not ambitious enough.

HammadTheBeast2403d ago

So all of the games like Zelda, Mario, most PS1-2 and all these other games aren't "ambitious"? Bethesda has the worst record for bugs, many, if not all, are completely obvious bugs that would be ironed out quick if they werent so eager for the money. Skyrim isn't all that ambitious from previous entries, all it really adds are dragons.

humbleopinion2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )


Earlier Zelda and Mario had their share of bugs and were obviously very ambitious for their time.

But since you mentioned Bethesda: neither of the series today has anything which comes close to the scope of games like Skyrim. Come'on! Mario and Zelda games don't even include trivial stuff like proper audio for dialog, so lets not even mention stuff like AI, branching story, seamless world or HD graphics. The bigger the scope the more likely you are to run into corner cases and bugs - but the more likely you are to impress and break new boundaries. There is a reason Skyrim was the most respected game last year.

Oh, and not to mention that Zelda and Mario games are always designed for a single type of hardware in mind and are optimized for it, while Bethesda games this gen are multiplatform releases which have to support both the most top of the line PCs down to 6 year old PCs, and at the same time are released on 2 different consoles each with their own quirks, and need to make sure they can run on them without gimping the overall experience and ambitious design of the game. They simply don't have the same luxury Nintendo has for developing for one single platform (which THEY CREATED by the way).

Outside_ofthe_Box2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

I see where you are getting at with that technical aspect of it, but at the end of the day when you rate a game you are judging it as game and not the technical aspects of it.

What's the point of pushing boundaries if bugs are going to kill the experience? The game is going to be remembered for the bugs.

There is no way a buggy game should get a perfect 10 that is Lovable's point. Japanese games do not get a free pass when you take into account that a handful of Western games get PERFECT 10s despite being filled with bugs. So who's actually getting the free pass here?

Lord_Sloth2403d ago

Shotty programming doesn't automatically mean the game is ambitious. Making the same game for the last decade and having each iteration be the exact same with the same bugs doesn't equate to ambition. It's crappy and lazy programming.

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ALLWRONG2403d ago

Yeah because it couldn't be that western RPG's are just better now. Just blame the media, western gamers, western devs, game sites, fanboys, americans, MS or anything else. Blame everyone but the Japanese developers that pump out mediocre games.

lodossrage2399d ago

Long story short

Japanese games are the same as what they always were. And that's WHY they were/ are loved the way they are. Both in Japan and to the animecentric gamer.

It only became a "problem" when a lot of western developers went from PC to console. Then all of a sudden everything is wrong under the sun in regard to Japanese games.

And this talk of a free ride is BS. Because last I seen, Western media loves to tear up almost anything that comes out of Japan these days.

smashcrashbash2404d ago

Come on people stop with the Japanese games shouldn't get a free pass junk. Western games get free passes everyday.The hand out high scores to certain games and when you play them you wonder if it is the same game they reviewed and if they were either half asleep or drunk while they reviewed it.

Godmars2902404d ago

That's called payola. Through advertising of course.

MacDonagh2404d ago

Nah. They were paid off. I always remember how Destructoid had all their staff proclaiming how The Old Republic was like the second coming of the Messiah. You can't trust any gaming site.

rdgneoz32404d ago

I do agree that they don't get a free pass (western devs), Final Fantasy XIII did deserve the meat grinder. The change to linearity from how the games have been in the past was big. Only one area where there was freedom to explore instead of corridor after corridor wasn't the funnest thing in the world. The past games had mini games, side quests, etc, while this installment had nothing till you got hours into the story to one location that you could do some side quests. Hell, the devs took note of the criticism and changed that a bit (along with the lack towns) in the sequel. Hell, versus if it ever sees the light of day (from what has been shown / told) has open areas and even back traveling to previous places.

You can say COD is a corridor, but that's how the games always have been and the story is never the biggest draw of the game. People play it for the multiplayer. And every release has always included that beloved feature, multiplayer.

Also, Dynasty Warriors might get a little flak for releasing games so often probably because there are only so many games you can make that are based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. That's why they're now branching out into other series like the One Piece game (which is good). Kingdom Hearts gets flak because people keep calling for the one game they actually want to be made, Kingdom Hearts 3. And that won't happen till Versus is done. And you should already know why Capcom gets flak. Saying the survival horror genre is dead and turning RE into a guns blazing shooter that isn't scary at all... Though the AI partner in RE5 was scary at times - how dumb she was.

With Kojima, people ripped on him for (in MGS4) the install times between episodes and for the length of the cut scenes. Though the cut scenes were expected with his story telling style. Also, this gen he's really only don MGS4, Peace Walker, and a few ports / HD collection. Castlevania he only gave advice on, and MGR he isn't even doing anything on it (and the game was ripped on in the beginning).

Are there devs that get free passes in the East and West? Yes. Should you be providing better examples? Yep.

Romudeth2404d ago

Actually you just proved my point.

All of those games, which were Japanese, got no free pass at all. Each and every one of them was ripped apart by journalists. Why they got flak isn't the point, the point is that Japanese games DO NOT get a free pass. If they did, none of those games you and I mentioned would have been as scrutinized as they were.

rdgneoz32404d ago

Actually, FFXIII and RE5 did do well for scores. XIII has a ton of 90+ scores and even IGN gave them an 89. RE5 was the same way. Check Metacritic for a list of their scores, a bunch of big reviewers gave them 90+ and even some 100s. They're both sitting on an average of 83 and 84 respectively. They were given free passes by many...

The ones that ripped them apart were the fans... And a few journalists that were not won over.

Xof2403d ago

The thing is, most Japanese games don't get 'free passes'--they get the opposite. The endure greater, often invalid, criticism because of their place-of-origin.

Now, obviouisly, this is not entirely true. As you mentioned, rdgneoz3, there are some exceptions. Any Final Fantasy game. Any Resident Evil game.

So why is this? Well, I won't go into the deeply-ingrained bigotry against Japanese games today. That's a long conversation few people are inclined to listen to, let alone articulate. Let's save that for another time. Why is it, then, that some Japanese games -do- get a "free pass?"

Well, the same reason Bethesda and Bioware games get free passes: advertising and brand-recognition. Square Enix and Capcom have the money to advertise extensively, and Resident Evil and Final Fantasy have the brand-recognition to ensure a high degree of sales regardless of merit. Most production/development companies can barely scrape together the money to localize Japanese games--even the big ones like Atlus and NIS--so there's rarely much of an advertising budget, if any.

Final Fantasy and Resident Evil, however, are marketed more like Western games in the West... that is to say, they are marketed. We're talking online ads, previews with gaming "journalists" (which leads to a friendly rapport between the two that doesn't really exist with most Japanese developers), television ads, etc., etc.

If you look at the review score Japanese games get, you'll see the games that are NOT part of old, established franchises (the Zeldas, Marios, Metal Gears, FF)--the "mainstream" Japanese games--seldom earn more than a 7/10.

There are a slew of euphemisms out there reviewers use to demerit Japanese games, and a nearly equal slew euphemisms out there to prop up Western games from big publishers.

Which is painfully obvious to all of the gamers out there who have been gaming for a long time, and following the pitiful drivel that passes for gaming journalism.

It's a problem. A huge problem. Bigotry always is.

But you know what? The fact that a small, small minority of games--from Final Fantasy XIII to Mass Effect 3--do get a "free pass" from the media is a problem, too.

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