Stardock Fights Strategy Game "Consolization"

Sins of a Solar Empire is pushing back hard against what Stardock's Brad Wardell calls the "consolization" of the strategy genre.

Game makers have finally found out that accessibility is the key to garnering maximum sales and maximum attention from the mainstream. You only have to look as far as the popularity of Wii, DS and "casual" games for the most obvious proof of this these days.

The current market environment leaves the strategy genre - one that is rooted in depth and complexity - in an interesting position. There is an audience for strategy, but in order to maximize sales and broaden that audience, developers have to make these complex games accessible.

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TheIneffableBob4325d ago

They encourage good business practices, they treat gamers how they should be treated by not overloading their game with superfluous copy protection schemes, and they know how to make a damn good game.

Sins of a Solar Empire is a must buy.