G4 - DmC Devil May Cry Hands-on Preview -- Fire and Ice...and Death

G4: "We square off against swarms of gnarly, demonic creatures and somehow live to tell the tale in our latest hands-on look at DmC Devil May Cry from Gamescom 2012."

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DevilishSix2786d ago

I was not on board when I first saw the design of the young Dante, but I have to say after seeing many gameplay and combat videos, it is looking pretty good. Ninja Theories idea of the environment living and changing around Dante is a nice addition. This is looking more and more like a day one for me in the normally slow gaming month of January.

anyone else being won over the more they see it?

Qrphe2786d ago

Me, we havent had these type of games in a while (last good one was what, Bayonetta?). I need my fix man, plus the gameply does look good.

fei-hung2786d ago

If you are really looking for a fix for the hack n slash genre, there are 2 games that will have superior combat mechanics:

1) Darksiders 2
2) Metal Gear Revengence
(3) if you own a PS3, God of War:A

I agree, game looks better everytime although the combat doesnt and im still not happy about the whole angel/demon new beginnings.

I will play this game, I am a gamer after all, but after all the insults thrown around by Crapcom and NT, I will buy this 2nd hand from the bargain bin.

Qrphe2786d ago

I've played all the GoW games and DS1 but neither of those games have the combat depth that DMC or Bayonetta have. I am looking forward to Revengence since Platinum Games also worked on Bayonetta.

ddurand12786d ago

i dont care for the game or the series, but ive seen mostly positive impressions from the game.

hope ppl are happy with it.

Booyah2786d ago

Then why are you... -.-

camel_toad2786d ago

I agree and hope the hardest of hard core dmc fans at least really give it a shot.

Ninja Theory isn't the best dev out there but they manage to pull of some worth-playing games.

Taz Yamauchi2786d ago

I don't share your enthusiasm, this game is a pile of crap. I'm OK with the remastered Devil May Cry collection

camel_toad2786d ago

@Taz sorry If I implied enthusiasm which really wasn't intended but I would just hope super dmc fans would give it a chance at least.

Heavenly sword (one of the few decent ps3 games) and Enslaved were both worth-playing but not fantastic games but nevertheless worth playing.

I saw dmc1 as an absolute classic but the follow ups never quite got me like the 1st game.

MWH2786d ago

even after all the negativity, i bet this game will sell.

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theWB272786d ago

I've heard allot of people complaining about the new design and character and all. I bought the remaster and i find it laughable what people say. In the first first DMC he was this non talking emo character that had very few moves and even less story.

He didn't get his different styles and attitude until DMC3 and the wrist is he looked different in all three. DmC4 he was only there for not even half the game. So i definitely applaud the effort NT is putting in even more. Bravo!

UnSelf2786d ago

even if most of the personality we've come to know and like about Dante didnt emerge until DMC 3, DMC 4, MVC3 and the anime is more than sufficient to uphold the original mannerisms of the cahracter that we've gotten used to

theWB272785d ago

I'm sorry but a anime and a fighter doesn't hold water. The original mannerisms was an emo non talking character that looks completely different than the original sequels. He's a completely different guy in all the games. It's just a false complaint in this new culture of complaining about EVERYTHING that doesn't go their way like babies.

timeon111111111112784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Dante is not emo. He has white hair because it was a genetic trait from his father.
Outside of the game´s story the reason Dante has white hair is because the creator thought of Japanese folklore where white hair meant you were possessed by a demon.

And Dante talked alot. Your just ignorant. Here is two clips to enlighten you:

And the reason Ninja theory is putting story into DmC reboot is because the gameplay was taken from the DMC games that were made over the course of 10 years. So all Ninja theory is doing is give DmC reboot new skins, give it a story, new character design and some gameplay elements.

Never created Jump canceling
Rebellion sword or the attacks
Ebony and ivory guns
Demon powers
the characters

Even the story is a rip off mix of DMC story, V for Vendetta and They Live movie.

And Devil May Cry creator left Capcom after DMC 1, so the story went downhill. Also the same people who say "Reboot is good" (Capcom) let the storyline of DMC become a crapfest.

Being very lazy with story of DMC 2 and 4.

On top of that the gameplay of DmC was developed not only by Ninja theory but Capcom swell. The formula was laid out from the gameplay of 4 DMC games, all they needed to was implement the gameplay of DMC into Unreal Engine. And they got help with doing that (Ninja theory that is)!.

So your also giving WAAAAAAAAY to much credit to Ninja theory.

theWB272784d ago

You know i was going to try and make a bunch of points about how your rant was so contradicting but i won't because you're bashing NT and you only like 2 games in the series and you bash everything else about DMC so if you were trying to make a point you did the complete just sound like someone who barely liked the series anyway

SavageFlamingo2786d ago

I consider myself a die-hard fan. And I absolutely love the new style.

Adnan_rules2786d ago

I don't get how people are saying this gameplay looks like previous dmc, clearly it don't and that's the core aspect of this franchise!

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