Is Sleeping Dogs the Sleeper Hit of 2012? | I don’t enjoy GTA-style open world games. I’ve tried before, I really have, but the games just simply do not hold my attention long enough to become something special to me like they do to the rest of the world.

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d0nni32775d ago

Glad we've resolved this topic, any other questions?

LOGICWINS2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Played the demo and theres nothing I experienced that would make me plunk down $60 on this game. I now understand why a demo wasn't released before would have discouraged a lot of people from buying Day 1.

SP3333D-O2775d ago

It's possible you gave up on it too soon. I thought it was good at first, but it kept getting better and better the more I played. Part of it was getting used to the controls and gameplay, part the developing story, and part the increase in skills. Now it's got me completely hooked.

mafiahajeri2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

WTF you on about!? The game is just epic and it gradually gets more epicER as you go on. The story and the experience is just great, you cant judge it by the demo.

I mean how can you judge a sandbox game from a demo unless your one of those guys that just likes to mess around and kill cops and get chased etc.

"I now understand why they didnt release a demo"
LOL! You serious? Does SR have a demo? Does GTA ever get one? If anything its a sign of confidence.

Discouraged people? LOL! Dont speak as if you speak for everyone. Theres been alot of critical acclaim and general high appreciation for the game. You just sound like a cheap ass that gives himself excuses to not buy games.

Your probably one of those guys that follows games more than plays them...

P.S Incase you pull the "Its my opinion" card Your speaking as if you speak for everyone...

LOGICWINS2775d ago

"The story and the experience is just great, you cant judge it by the demo."

Reading comprehension is your friend. I'm not judging the game off the demo. I'm saying that the demo doesn't do enough to make me want to purchase the full game(which I haven't formed an opinion on)...which is what a demo is supposed to do.

Outside_ofthe_Box2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I agree. The demo didn't make me want to pay full retail price for the game. I can't really formulate why the game hasn't grabbed me in. The bits of story in the game didn't seem anything special to me, I guess that could be it.

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PrimeLantern2775d ago

I'd say so. I wasn't looking forward to it at all. I was more excited about Darksiders. Boy was i wrong.

cfountain2775d ago

it's mine.

Bought both Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders 2, with SD getting to me 1st and I just cant find the time to play D2. Sleeping Dogs is just so much fun.

I usually skip a lot of content in open world games but I am trying to do everything in this game.

I hope it sells well enough to justify a sequel. Great game.

Belking2775d ago

This and the walking dead.

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