Adam Sessler has doubts about Wii U, thinks it could be delayed to 2013

Adam Sessler, previously a co-host of G4′s X-Play, is starting to wonder if the console will actually launch this year and isn’t sure if it will “provide the needed stimulation to the industry.”

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NYC_Gamer2787d ago

I doubt Wii-U will be the huge leap many are waiting for software and hardware wise...The touch pad controller is cool but to me Nintendo won't take any risk and will stick with the same franchises without trying to expand.

2787d ago
PopRocks3592787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Because the original Wii was not a massive risk in and of itself. /sarcasm

Xperia_ion2787d ago

In specs and cost it wasn't a massive risk.

Skateboard2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Whoever agreed with PopRocks should get slapped.

PopRocks3592787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Are you two idiots?


Providing a system with lower specs is obviously a massive risk considering how anal gamers are about graphics these days.

EDIT: Notice how casual gamers (the folks who bought Carnival Games) and core gamers (the folks who bought Zelda and Xenoblade) both came to the console while there was just as much of a chance that neither side would have taken interest.


Why? Because they see the truth? Exactly what modern big budget video game console offered a completely different gameplay style before the Wii?

It's called trying out new ideas. Many called out the Wii and said it was going to fail. That's called taking a risk.

The only one who should be smacked is you for your idiotic reaction.

Xperia_ion2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Nintendo wasn't focusing on gamers for the Wii, the idea was a risk, but the cost to make that idea happen wasn't " a massive risk".

If your profiting on each console sold it's not a huge gamble, the Wii is --- more powerful then a Gamecube.


zebramocha2787d ago

@pop Sony did have the eyetoy on the ps2 and a six axis type of controller on the ps1 for the original war hawks.

greenpowerz2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Wii was easy pick up and play wiimote casual social fun. Wii U is ultra core gaming that will make hardcore gamers seem lazy,

Wii u will be a game cube. Gimmicks may bring luck if compelling enough to the industry unexpectedly" but with no vision or actions for long term plans, relevance will take work not gambles.

Jazz41082786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Nintendo has a pretty devoted audience but its the casuals that purchased the wi and made it so popular. With the casuals being unreliable as they dont cling to brand specific but go for the next big thing and right now that is the ios and android and kinect. I dont see the wiu having enough of a specific direction to pull the casuals away from the current 99 cent and free to play games and facebook games to go out and spend the cash on this. Nintendo has proved us all wrong before and for our industrys sake until ps4 and xbox720 arrive I really hope I am wrong. @sidar the ps3 was less of a risk then the 360 simply because of the audience they created with the ps2. The xbox however did horrible numbers and cost ms millions so I believe with the 360 overcoming rrod and still leading in many polls over sony in sales that ms really did well this gen and also brought us consistant multiplayer experience with achievements and a network built from the ground up for ease of use and being a great all around multiplayer experience.

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ChickeyCantor2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

" Nintendo won't take any risk"

I don't get this. The Wii was a major gamble. Saying they didn't take a risk is absolutely false.
Sony and MS played it safe because they assumed the usual "evolution" where they just provide beefier hardware.

And now again, Iwata said that most of their expenses went to the controller. This is off putting for many so called "hardcore" gamers as they think that the costs for beefy hardware just isn't there.

You can already read the "hate" here on N4G. Where Sony and MS get a standing ovation for just providing stronger hardware. While Nintendo is once again focusing on the User interface.

PopRocks got before me, before I finished writing.

Also what kabitomeu said wasn't spam. Whoever flagged him for that is just a major troll.

NYC_Gamer2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

How was the Wii a risk?the console was cheap to produce and affordable for consumers...The PS3 was more of a bigger risk hardware wise and the price was $600 dollars which made it the most expensive out of the 3...Sony took the biggest gamble in my opinion this gen in the console market...

ChickeyCantor2787d ago

How was the Ps3 and Xbox360 a risk when they were guaranteed to sell? Unlike Wii where everyone said it was doomed before launch. Just because It was cheap to make doesn't mean it's not at risk at all. It comes down to marketing right? It's the public appeal that counts.

The 600 price wasn't there to be edgy. They screwed their budget and basically needed to compromise. Even if they choose to sell at a loss it's only a plus for consumers. In return games will sell and they will gain their profit. This is not as risky as delivering a console that barely goes beyond a last gen console.
And Nintendo didn't come trough as they would have hoped. Sure they sold, but they clearly missed out on a lot of gamers who simply had no interest in such console and rather bought a Ps3 or 360.

jonboi242786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

@sidar, wait so the Wii wasn't guaranteed to sell? Nintendo had it's core base to sell to. The launch price was a lot more compelling than the 360 and PS3. Plus it had franchises that could not be found any where else. Wii was guaranteed to sell, though it wasn't guaranteed to be the phenomenon it was. Oh and they sold it for a profit so pretty much any console they sold was money in the pocket.

For Nintendo the biggest risk wasn't the Wii itself it was releasing another console. N64 and Gamecube though awesome consoles, were not even close to the commercial success of the PSX, PS2 or even Xbox. There was a point I thought they would be a handheld console only company. If the Wii failed we may have not seen another home console from Nintendo. That's why they played it safe with the Wii. If Nintendo could they could have easily went the PS3 and 360 way, but they don't and couldn't afford to sell a consoles for a lost and they didn't have the money to play around with. Wii and motion controls wasn't a risk, it was that hail-Mary 3 pointer with 1 second left in an elimination playoff game. Either you make it or go home and just hope for the best.

DivineAssault 2786d ago

i know, puting out another gamecube with gimmick controls was a MAJOR investment .

Ricdog2786d ago

@jonboi24 How is any of that a garantee the wii would sell?

The wii had unique franchises and a core base? Oh yea that totally helped the N64 and Gamecube sell right? And the virtual boy, oh man.

Wii was garanteed nothing. Selling at a profit means nothing if you don't sell enough. People (gamers) were skeptical and the adoption of the casuals was competely unpredictable. Regardless of price, casuals won't buy if they aren't interested in games period.

I'll give you that Nintendo's 2 pervious consoles weren't as successful as sony, but xbox? How was that a success, Microsoft lost millions.

The wii would have easily been Nintendo's last game console had it not been for gambling for the casuals. Nintendo stated the wii needed to be BIGGER than the Gamecube. And given that most "core" gamers apparently hated the wii to begin with, its clear it would have done even worse if not for the casuals.

Going with another power console like xbox and sony would have at least by familiar territory and a new race. Rather than competely changing the battlefield like the wii did.

jonboi242786d ago

@ricdog I claimed X-box was a commercial success not a financial one. Look what Halo alone did. Microsoft made a huge impact with their first console. It sold well and came second last gen.

You make valid points but I still stand by as seeing the Wii wasn't a huge risk. I still believe the fact Nintendo released any console was their biggest risk. Look Nintendo needed a console and Wii was the safe answer because financially it was smart. They could have easily put hundreds of dollars into it and released a Wii HD from the start but they don't like selling at a lost and taking a bigger risk. I give it to Nintendo broadening and targeting a new demographic was just as much a huge risk as releasing a new console and it paid off big, even it meant abandoning core gamers. Yes the Wii was never guaranteed success even if it sold at a profit but really neither were the PS3 or 360. You don't seem to remember that for all the critics saying Wii was dead on arrival there just as much if not more saying the same thing about the PS3.

As far as the N64 and Gamecube goes they sold ok, just not as good as their competitors. N64 was a success even with its limitation and design flaws. Plus those unique franchises you dismiss some of them are console sellers and those are vital. Oh and Virtua Boy was just plain stupid and anyone who bought that deserved to own such a stupid thing.

Ricdog2786d ago


Mostly agree. The ps3 did have negative criticism as well, but that didn't mean much in terms of Sony. Sony had money in the bank back then, so it wasn't a huge deal. It was Nintendo that was biting their nails, the wii's performance would drastically determine their future in console gaming.

Indeed N64 and Gamecube weren't horrible sales, but for Nintendo they were disappointing and apparently made them think about dropping out of console gaming. What a shame, i'd much rather have a Gamecube 2 than a Wii U.

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ChunkyLover532787d ago

Wii U has full HD, standard Wii has none. That IS a huge leap for Nintendo.

jonboi242787d ago

Yes.....for NINTENDO, not the medium in general. If anything asymmetric gaming is the leap they are taking. Though its not a very huge leap but still there is potential.

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wiiulee2787d ago

sessler looks like he is high in that video.....of course the wiiu is coming out this year...nintendo would not miss the opportunity of being the first next generation system on the matter system shortages..if i was them i still bring it out to the market

Thepcz2787d ago

believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, the wiiu will release this year. nintendo are way ahead, they have at least a full year on the market without competition to rake in the money and take that big market share.

behind the scenes, sony and microsoft are scrambling desperately to catch up. sony so desperate in fact, they have stooped to using their failed handheld (vita) as a bootleg wiiu controller for ps3. lol its so pathetic its almost a sorry sight. microsoft totally blew it with kinect, so lets not even entertain what monstrosities they have planned for the future.

wiiu doubters are wiiu haters

nintendojunkie282787d ago

"behind the scenes, sony and microsoft are scrambling desperately to catch up. sony so desperate in fact, they have stooped to using their failed handheld (vita) as a bootleg wiiu controller for ps3."

I absolutely agree.

"microsoft totally blew it with kinect, so lets not even entertain what monstrosities they have planned for the future."


thezeldadoth2787d ago

i don't think its coincidence that microsofts big e3 showing was a tablet device controller lol

nintendojunkie282787d ago

I think that MS was probably already working on integration between smart devices and the xbox360,in some way,shape or form.However,I do think that using it as a way to play and interact with your games was a direct response to the Wii U.It was a "me too" response,so to speak.

user54670072787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Oh yes because I totaly forget any one who has an opinion thats slighty negative or is a doubter are "haters"...totaly forget about that type of N4G logic there

A real hater would say something like this


Without giving any real reasons behind their opinion...just mindless hate

PopRocks3592787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

That goes both ways son. I could say that Nintendo saved the game industry with the NES and someone on this website will find a reason to chew me out for it.

Honest question. If it's not fair for you to be called a "doubter/hater" for criticizing Nintendo or their consoles, then what exactly makes it fair for anyone defending either to be called a "Nintendrone/fanboy" ?

user54670072787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

PopRocks thing is though no one has called you a fanboy on this article.

It's totaly different if a person "hating" on Nintendo, and I mean real hating not giving out a little criticism, was to call you a fanboy when all he has done is hate on Nintendo because then you could easily call him a hater.

But when people don't call those sticking up for Nintendo yet those people call on the so called "haters" then it's not's like

"So you can have your opinion and defend the crap out of them but I can't say one little thing which really isn't even hating, just a little criticism"

I mean can you honestly blame some people though for not having much hope for Nintendo. They've given us no price, no release date, no specs, focused way too much on the controler instead of the console it's self's not like some criticism is pulled out of thin air.

Call haters all you want but Nintendo white knights shouldn't bash someone for voicing a little criticism at Nintendo.

mike1up2786d ago Show
Ricdog2786d ago

@MikeCosgrove Everything you apparently mentioned "wrong" with Nintendo is actually their main strength.

It's wrong to expect Nintendo plays by the same rules as Microsoft and Sony, but history shows it doesn't. Nintendo has a history of being secretive and not having the same advertising strategy as the other competitors.

Nintendo doesn't reveal price or release date because they obviously feel its irrelevant at the moment. Or they feel that those things will not affect sales in any way. Whats the difference between knowing the cost of a console 1 month from release date, than knowing 3 months from release date? Your still gonna know the price when you get one.

They focus on the controller because obviously that's their main selling point. The main reason why anyone should buy the wii U is clearly because of the controller. Console is important too but its clear that Nintendo doesn't expect you to be amazed by it.

Its the equivalent of yelling at Sony for promoting Blu-Rays HD graphics instead of the Online capabilities. If you cared more about online features than HD resolution, its clear that blu-ray may not be for you.

Thepcz2786d ago

an individual who turns any info related to wiiu into a negative. those whos 'doubts' are based on nothing, with the only intention being to create skepticism and pessimism towards the wiiu in the industry.

as was stated in another reply, the guy must have been living in a cave because nintendo have been repeatedly stating it will be out this year, its on pre order in every entertainment/gaming outlets... its release is imminent. but no, just ignore all the blatant facts and deny the machine is coming out.

= hater.

user54670072786d ago


and your just a troll, who likes to start arguments for no reason.

Guess I'll be sending that bill right back at you

I mean you do realise the senence I said in speech marks was an example...don't you. ¬¬

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zebramocha2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

@Nintendojunkie The Nintendo white knights to the rescue,I do believe there is unnecessary hate for the wiiu but Nintendo is to blame for some because they are not ensuring people who are on the fence about it on price,specs and type of games available.The ps vita/ps3 combo is a evolution of the psp/ps3.

nintendojunkie282786d ago

"The Nintendo white knights to the rescue"

Nintendo white knight,huh?...That's a new one.I kinda like it actually.

"Nintendo is to blame for some because they are not ensuring people who are on the fence about it on price,specs and type of games available."

Nintendo has never released full specs for a console,to my knowledge.It's also not unusual for ninty to hold back on the price point;we will know something next month.That should give everybody adequate time to decide if they want to buy it or not.I do wish they would announce more of the games that are currently in the works and whether they will be available at launch or not,but who knows,maybe they'll give us something at the sept.13 presser other than price,date etc.I'll keep my fingers crossed.

zebramocha2786d ago

That was then,this is now by withholding important information about their console they let gaming journalist bully them and persuade people to think that they are pushing an inferior product to consumers which is far from the truth,because this E3 Nintendo should've went h.a.m(hard as a motherf*cker) sense this was a next gen console,even Sony had a considerable buzz with the vita minus the slow start,they have a interesting concept with the wiiu but are kinda being held back by them selfs.

mike1up2786d ago

"The ps vita/ps3 combo is a evolution of the psp/ps3."

In order to evolve successfully, you have to out-compete what came before you. The PSP is still outselling the Vita, and the 3DS is simply light years ahead.

The Vita needs to "evolve" into a machine with a price drop.

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Bossman1122787d ago

All this advertising about it coming Holiday 2012 gave it away

Qrphe2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

"hurr he's doubting the Wii U, hater!!!! duuuuurrr"

The Wii was a huge risk, and just because of that it had to have its share of skeptics (and believers).
The Virtual Boy had potential too but it was a huge risk as well (and failed).

The higher the risk though, the greater the results if successful of course.

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