Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Impressions [RPG Site]

I've been sitting staring at this blank screen for a little bit too long now, but exactly what to write about Final Fantasy XIV sort of escapes me. We've covered it extensively, and while I was shown stuff that was all new at Gamescom 2012, my primary reaction from what I was shown would be to write three words.

It looks good.

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bwazy2783d ago

"It looks good"

.... It looks good? IT LOOKS GOOD? FFXIV "looked good", FFXIII "looked good", of COURSE it looks good, it's SQUARE ENIX. The majority of their production these days goes into graphics and nothing but.

Until I ever get my money back for FFXIII & FFXIV I will never play another FF game again (unless convinced otherwise by its good nature).

What's worse is that they are still justifying that players pay a monthly fee to play their (again until proven otherwise) terribly rebuilt game (again all we have to go on is pretty graphics).


Capt-FuzzyPants2783d ago

The writer had a lot more to say than "It looked good." The things they showed off were vast improvements over what they had at launch. The
things Yoshida said about making it feel like a true FF are very promising and he seems to be showing how serious he is about adding in stuff from the classic FF games.

Snarkasaur2782d ago

Maybe asking for your money back for FF14 is justifiable as they as much as said it's broken, but there is nothing broken about 13, nor is it a bad game. You're asking for money back because your opinion was that it wasn't good. If everyone could do that for products they buy, the world's economy would literally collapse.

"This movie sucked. I want my seven dollars back" - The movie industry dies.

"This book's ending did not satisfy me!" - writers become poor again.

Get over yourself.

PooEgg2782d ago

Or perhaps:

"This movie sucked. I want my seven dollars back" - The movie industry starts making movies that don't suck and people start watching more movies.

"This book's ending did not satisfy me!" - writers with real talent who can write a good book from start to end succeed and writers who cannot write stop wasting readers time and money.

Consumers should not be expected to blindly support bad quality, no matter if it is bad quality games, movies, books or anything else. If you think differently you have obviously been brainwashed by the companies who want to sale you more crap.