Square Enix allegedly issuing field destroy credit to retailers for Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix wasn't kidding when they said they'd be destroying the old world of FFXIV and creating it anew.

Even at retail, the company seems fit to rid the shelves of all trace of the old version of the game. In a report supposedly issued to a poster on NeoGAF, SE has ordered all remaning copies of FFXIV destroyed. While said retailer is currently unknown, they're being offered $16 for every copy pulled.

With Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launching by Q1 2013, it's no surprise that copies of the original are disappearing fast. Those who have purchased it will get access to the new version for free, so it's only natural that Square would remove these as quick as possible to replace them with a new disc later down the line.

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DaThreats2779d ago Show
Chrono2779d ago

It's like their whole business relies on this game. I wonder what they will do if they fail again.

HammadTheBeast2779d ago

Wel,, Im off to buy myself a cheap ass copy.

pandehz2779d ago

PC and Ps3 users should be on same servers

Kamikaze1352779d ago

They are. This was announced a long time ago.

DivineHand1252779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Is the difference between the old and the new version equal to night and day?

Swiftcricket2778d ago

The game in its current state is almost a night and day difference compared to launch already lol. This just takes it even further in the right direction.

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