Grand Theft Auto 5: Rockstar are PR Masters

Jeff from Holygrenade writes: "Grand Theft Auto is perhaps the most intensely watched franchise of any generation, with a single screenshot of the upcoming fifth edition sending the Internet on a tear. Every screenshot is analyzed thoroughly and for whatever reason, those articles receive an absurd amount of views, so sites are quick to jump on the investigation train."

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ab5olut10n2775d ago

or the cheap page-grab train, eh holygrenade?

B_Rian892775d ago

I think its funny how they released new screenshots after Sleeping Dogs just released and has been receiving good reviews

nik666uk2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Why? They aren't competing, ,they aren't even released in the same year! By the time GTA releases Sleeping Dogs will be £15 tops!

HebrewHammer2775d ago

They aren't.

Remember the Team Bondi fiasco. The families involved weren't handled too well.

PersonMan2775d ago

Maybe the games they make are just really good and any information on them gets tons of exposure.