Xbox Reasons To Be Cheerful 1,2,3

PopBucket writes: So this year's Summer has been a bit...damp to say the least, the Olympics are over and the release date for Bioshock Infinite has been pushed back yet again. There are still some pretty good reasons to be cheerful though, despite all of that. Three to be exact!

A very wise man once said "Reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3" before spouting off nearly a hundred different things worth smiling about (some of them illegal). We're not going to indulge you quite so much, but we do have three solid reasons to be jolly. And here they are...

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Dms20122774d ago

I would add State of Decay to that list.

h311rais3r2774d ago

The only good thing coming is halo 4 :/

Atleast it's looking fantastic. Other than that I honestly could say I wish halo was on ps3 so I could get rid of my Xbox.

3-4-52773d ago

Halo 4, Black Ops 2, Fifa 13, NHL 13 , Borderlands 2, Assassins Creed 3 , GTA V

Please explain to us again why Halo 4 is the " Only" good game coming out ?

Are you 12 ? Do you not know of the existence of these other good games about to be released ?

2774d ago