Are Video-Games Broken?

A few years ago, it would be accepted that every game would have bugs, often game-breaking ones, that had to be avoided in order to play the game. Often these were small things, such as a character becoming stuck on a doorframe or an enemy not spawning when it’s supposed to; but occasionally the bugs would be so catastrophic they required a full game or console restart, often resulting in lost data.

It’s interesting to note that while controls, mechanics, animation, graphics, sound design, production design and story have all been improved, developed and pushed to their very boundaries over this generation, bugs are still an issue. Why haven’t developers cracked the final problem and produced what seems to be the impossible: a bug-free game?

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iamnsuperman2786d ago

As games get bigger and increase in complexitiy there s a higher chance of bugs. However, there are far to many developers out there who are just plain lazy and I can only guess race their game through any sort of quality control as games can be patched so easily. One thing as to changed is our attitude towards it. I remember open world games get free passes (from us) for some horrendous bugs. If you can't make it then do not develop it

One mark of a good developer is having a game with little to no bugs. Games riddled with them (mainly game breaking ones) show the sign of a developer who is trying to do too much too quickly/beyond their ability.