At EA, DS game sales are up, up, up, mobile's steady but PSP's down

Like Sony, EA's just revealed its financial figures from the big Q3 Christmas 2007 period (October-December), which show the company making more revenue than ever before – $1.5 billion – although still totalling a small loss of $33 million on those sales.

Breaking down the figures for handheld games, or 'Mobility' as EA labels it, DS was by far the most impressive performer, with sales up 122 per cent from $55 million in Q3 2006 to $122 million.

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Keyser4329d ago

I thought 90% of DS's were hacked? Who's buying these games?

mintaro4329d ago

im pretty sure those were false percentages

crck4329d ago

How can sales be up when 90% of the DS's in the US are running pirated stuff. I mean Nintendo has sold around 20 million units in the US so only 2 million of them are legal according to those figures. Thats half the installed base of the PS3 in the US. I guess as most of us knew that statement yesterday was a flaming pile of bull.

lonestarmt4329d ago

who buys EA games on the DS??? and even better question why?

ItsDubC4329d ago

Not you or I, but look at what games EA released on the DS. The more casual crowd is buying EA games en masse it seems.