The Rangers FC to be in FIFA 13?

In case for some reason you didn't know, Glasgow Rangers Football Club are no more and in their place is The Rangers Football Club. Since EA do not hold the licences to provide the teams from the Scottish First Division down to the third division (Rangers' current division) in any of their FIFA games, it looks as if for the first time in FIFA's history (since the SPL began) Rangers will not be included, or is it?

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mafiahajeri2775d ago

No one care about Rangers...

dvx uk2775d ago

classic Trolling Celtic fan obviously.

TheLyonKing2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Aberdeen fan and I dont give a toss about rangers.

Anyway I see "the rangers" as a new start no history and I have no ill feelings towards them. Rangers got what they deserved.

The Rangers should not be in FIFA 13 cause they are a division 3 team

bothebo2774d ago

Probably not just because EA doesn't actually put time into making revisions or adding content into any of their sports games.

sealava2773d ago

liked the Glasgow Rangers of the 1990's .

3-4-52773d ago

Just give us the option to create as many teams as we want with the Kit creator like PES 12 had and there would be no problem.