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GIZORAMA - Sleeping Dogs is an open-world game. Therefore, it’s been compared countless times to the Grand Theft Auto series and for good reason. Like those games, Sleeping Dogs has much to offer. It takes a lot of content and many ideas from GTA IV. This isn’t a bad thing. As Darksiders II showed (a game that came out on the same day as Sleeping Dogs), taking ideas from other games isn’t intrinsically bad and can lead to a good game. This especially happens when a game takes those ideas and expands upon them, much like Sleeping Dogs does.

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Nocturne1472775d ago

Very, very good game. Finished it today.

showtimefolks2775d ago

did you have any issues with glitches like when you driving and cars going though the road and invisible walls and keeps falling through?

also i am currently playing while the combat is good its takes a little to get use to it, its not as smooth as batman not even close. feels very clunky

i playing the ps3 version. other than that its a solid 8/10 but wish they would release a patch to fix some of the minor bugs

ziggurcat2775d ago

i have yet to encounter anything like that, but last night i was turning a corner to drop off one of those cargo truck and as soon as i bumped into the curb, the vehicle bounced, flew in the air halfway across the city (literally), and landed on its side.

i think i sat there for a few seconds just trying to figure out what had just happened.

Kaos_Vll2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

played the ps3 version as well and fell through a wall while in combat. there were other glitches but they were small and more funny than annoying, like going for a grapple and getting hit at the same time flew me and the guy I was grappling with skyhigh, it was hilarious.

a different button layout could have made the combat more fluid like bats but it's still a great game. really hope it sells well as I'd like to see at least two more games that keep building and improving like the AC games.

Clover9042775d ago

I'm loving the game. I think the combat is pretty good. Better than Uncharted or GTA, but not nearly as great as the Batman games (but what game is). I'm also playing on the ps3, and fortunately I haven't noticed any big glitch or anything.

iGamerZERO2775d ago

Ya I'm playing it on PS3 and haven't seen any issues at all...

Nocturne1472774d ago

Im playin PC version, haven't seen any glich or bugs, game runs smoothly.