All of the new GTA V screenshots (With Analysis)

This week Rockstar released images for the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V). We will analyse each image and show you what the image reveals about the game. We start with the first batch of images Rockstar released, earlier this week. The screenshots were all about transport.

The pier in the background seems familiar…

Bikes were the first type of transport you were introduced to in GTA: San Andreas (PS2/Xbox version), and it only feels right if bikes return when the game comes back to San Andreas. This bike however, doesn’t just look like a BMX you would find in the old San Andreas, this looks more like a racing bike, hinting that there will be a variety of different bikes in the game.

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Trenta272780d ago

All Rockstar needs to do is release screenshots. The gaming world ignites on fire every time. Whenever the next trailer hits, the world will just poof away.

camel_toad2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Yep and those silly scientists thought it would be global warming that would make the world go "poof".

b163o12780d ago

So glad to see bikes return. Nothing better then a 5star chase on a bike, they're hilarious!!

unchartedxplorer2780d ago

Good article. Can't wait for the next batch of screenshots!