New PlayStation Vita Bundles Confirmed For North America

During Gamescom 2012, a bunch of brand new PlayStation Vita console bundles were announced and they are now confirmed for North America.

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BringingTheThunder2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

good. i guess the basic version will be phased out/shipped less until a price drop?

Muffins12232787d ago

for a second i thought all games:fifa 13,little big planet,call of duty, play-station all stars.Where included in it hahahahaha. i was like 'AWESOME,ALL THE GAMES I WANTED FOR IT!!"then i only saw a 69 dollars in saving and i was like,wow,dont save to much.Then i read more and i was like...oh... :C

BringingTheThunder2787d ago

so many spelling/grammar mistakes!

deletingthis346753342787d ago

With no capitalization from BringingTheThunder to boot. Such hypocrisy.

GamePodunk2787d ago

It'll be interesting to see if this (BLOPS Declassified) helps reinvigorate Vita sales over the holidays.

DarkTower8052787d ago

The holiday sales will boom regardless, the real question will be what kind of sustainability will the Vita have AFTER the holidays.

chrisarsenalsavart2787d ago

sony must do everything in their power to make sure third party titles perform well during the holidays season.
If not publishers will pull the plug on vita and sony will have to hold the ps4 launch and use all their first party studios to develop games for the vita instead .

But i am pretty sure sony will have a solid holidays season with Such an amazing line up :
Cod, Nfl2013, Assassincreed3, nfs, littlebigplanet, fifa2013.....

SAE2787d ago

BLOPS bundle is great , it include 4gb memory and the game but it doesn't interest me , i never thought i would say that , i expected at least cod 4 graphics and gameplay ....

i would have pre ordered asssassin creed bundle if it had the memory and black color ..

what will make me buy a vita today if it's black , include assassin creed and 32GB memory card , i just wish it's available T_T .....

sony are idiots on making bundles ...

chrisarsenalsavart2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

i,d like to point out that Assassincreed3 lb bundle comes with white or black vita.
that was confirmed when i was gamescom Last tuesday.
I also asked if a memory card will be included, but the rep could only confirm that Cod bundle will include a 4gig mcard. for other bundles, he told me we should expect some more news pretty soon.
i hope i have been able to help you and look forward to see another gamer enter the world of vita.

chrisarsenalsavart2787d ago

wait until you see the game in action before passing judgement based on a badly edited 1.5 min trailer.
I am not saying the game s gonna be good, but i am gonna wait for the final product to comes out and then will make my own damn mind.

BringingTheThunder2787d ago

you started out as a sony fan, went to hating sony, back to liking, then you wrote sony off completely

SAE2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

i swear i didn't do anything o.o lol
just saying how bad the bundles are , none making me satisfied on buying them..

blops bundle is good but the game isn't , anyone can recognize the good things , even psp games are better such as mgs , so I'm not gonna support these kind of games , it's 2012 , games shouldn't have that kind of support especially a game like cod , i prefer playing ps2 games then give money to sony for doing this to us , it's really weird coming this from sony , there exclusives always special but this one looks lame ...

i will buy black ops 2 even thoug i have problems with it but this version for vita wont touch my money , i would have pirate it if i could lol, they are looking for money not to make great games like in the ps3 , I'm just looking for my interests not for sony or any company , i want great games , if im not liking something i say it even if its my favorite game , i dont want another resistance disappointment ...

Thank you chrisarsenalsavart ^^
i think i will pre order assassin's bundle , it's only 3 dollars more then the wifi version in amazon lol :P

what do you mean?..

lol , is that a bad thing ?. XD

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ScubaSteve12787d ago

all i wanna know is why did sony remove the memory card from the assassins creed bundle. cause i have that preorder

deletingthis346753342787d ago

Looks like Sony is hoping and praying that some cheap port from a C-rated developer will sell millions of Vitas to the masses. I am going to bet that this will only sell this system by 2%.

SavageFlamingo2787d ago

Which "C-rated" developer would you be talking about? From what I see, they are all great developers.

DNAbro2787d ago

Nihilistic the company creating BLOPS Vita has only made crap games. They are probably the absolute worst developer Sony could have chose for a CoD Vita.

MrBeatdown2786d ago


The choice of developer for CoD has nothing to do with Sony. That kind of thing is entirely up to Activision.

Hicken2787d ago

The ONLY developer that matches up to "C-rated" is Nihilistic, and their games seem to be ore average that crappy.

None of the ports on the list are "cheap." Again, the only thing that- at least now, seems to fit your description is Call of Duty, and since it's not even the same game as what's coming out, you can't even call that a port.

I feel I have to ask this: why are you trolling? What has Sony done to you to make you say such utterly ridiculous things?

TrendyGamers2787d ago

I think it will help increase sales by more than 2%.

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