20 amazing Sound Shapes community levels you must play

Pocket Gamer: So, you've finished the lovely Sound Shapes, and now you're hankering for more levels to play.

Fear not: the Community tab is where you want to visit, for hundreds of user-created levels are waiting for your restless thumbs and woeful sense of rhythm.

Of course, where there's user-generated content, there's also a lot of rubbish, and sifting through it to find the good stuff can be tricky. This is where Pocket Gamer steps in to save the day. Again.

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BringingTheThunder2783d ago

the funny thing is that there are hundreds worth playing

Xof2782d ago

Just browsing the most popular ones and searching for Star Wars/Zelda/Final Fantasy themed levels has yielded only crap for me, so I welcome lists like this.

2782d ago
one2thr2782d ago

Thats nothing, the levels I created are more challenging compared to the zelda/star wars/mario levels and more melodic(if thats a word) than any of the ones I played, but yet the number of people that played them is low...

I suppose my levels are terrible.... Fml /s lol