Xcom: Enemy Unknown hands-on preview (HG)

Hooked Gamers writes: "No, the issue is that your squaddy no longer stops in his tracks het spots an enemy but will move towards his intended designation regardless what happens. Should he spot an alien - or an alien spot him - the alien will be given time to take cover too, resulting in a kind of trench warfare that is still fun, but absolutely not in keeping with the original spirit of Xcom."

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josephps32774d ago

I was the other guy who put his hand up lol I'm so excited about this game but it doesn't seem there is a lot of hype or anticipation. Am I wrong? Are there other turn based tactical fans out there?

fermcr2774d ago

It's my most expected game for this year. Being a fan of Civilization and XCOM, yes, i'm very hyped.

josephps32774d ago

You should check out Valkyria Chronicles. Its also a turn based tactical based game. Like Xcom, when characters die its permanent. The story is excellent, there is RPG upgrade element, graphics excellent, and I see it for $20 everywhere here in Canada now.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown- For me if I had to pick only one game for the rest of 2012 this would be it. Game of the Year for me.