Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review | Hard Reset

It revolutionised the first-person shooter genre when it first stormed the PC scene 12 years ago. Its seen its fair share of mods and sequels since then too, but its finally arrived as a console game proper, so just how does Global Offensive stack up to its modern day competitors?

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FullMetalTech2781d ago

Good score. For $15 bucks you cant go wrong. Its online only and stays true to past core gameplay.

camel_toad2781d ago

I played the original on pc possibly more than any other mp fps ever. I'm definitely getting this on console instead of pc just because of the mouse and keyboard support.

I can't wait to play it against the controller users ;-)

FullMetalTech2781d ago

Its doesnt let you play against a controller player. It matches you with the type your using. So if lets say you use a K/B it will match you them and so forth. Its supports both which is a plus.

Janitor2781d ago


translation: "I suck, and was hoping for an unfair advantage, to make it appear I suck less."

camel_toad2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

@janitor - you are correct. I suck with a controller playing a fps compared to using mouse and keyboard - and I always look for only the best unfair advantages.

@fullmetaltech - bummer. Looks like it'll be a level playing field heh.

soundslike2781d ago


actually from what I heard it goes based on skill, so assuming you're better than a pad player on kb/mouse, you'll never play against them. It makes a lot of sense, and actually will function pretty much the same as if they did separate the two player bases, except for shitty mouse players and godlike pad players

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Mutant-Spud2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I got CS:GO on Steam and played the demo on XBLA last night, the XBLA version is better, looks better, runs better, the gameplay is faster, I played the PC version for about three hours yesterday as well and it's just a laggy mess, the xbox version does actually require skill because you have the ability to aim, the PC version is just a roll of the dice, winning is dependant only on how badly you're affected by lag.

Allsystemgamer2781d ago

The 360 is 720p. Not at 60fps and using medium textures. Ur full of it.

My pc is rUnning it at 90fps and on max at 1080p.

I own the pc version and have not experienced a single thing you claimed. Your pc must be from the 90s.

Try harder next time troll.

HammadTheBeast2781d ago

Is it just me, or from gameplay vids, the console version looks better than PC...