Sony’s PlayStation 4 to support 4K resolution

Yahoo sources believe Sony will include 4k resolution playback in their next-generation PlayStation console

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Silver-Hawk2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I knew it. This is Sony and Sony's devices normally pushes the boundaries of technology available of its time.

I hear a lot of fanboy talking about how there won't be a big upgrade in tech advancement made on next gen consoles but It's just the fear of supporting an inferior device that'll be lacking on the technological front. While Wii u is trying to push 1080p like this gens hd consoles, the ps4 will be way ahead in technology and be able to do 4k resolution once again making the Nintendo console hardware outdated.

There are so many advancements that can be made in gaming with better technology where not only graphics will improve. We definitely need better graphics to decipher things easier and for more immersion in games. We need smarter unpredictable ai, better physics, sound and all sorts. I can't wait for the ps4. I know some unfortunate people will start hating on 4k and probably say they just bought a HDTV recently but people were hating hdtv a few years ago also.

ChunkyLover532779d ago

1.You are getting awfully excited for an unconfirmed rumor.

2.If this is true, it means the launch price of the PS4 will be significantly higher, and nobody will really be gaining anything from buying a console with 4K support right now.

3.Not sure if Sony will gamble on something like they did with 3-D, they should try and keep the PS4 cost friendly as possible so they can compete next generation.

The early 4K capable TV's are going to be really expensive for years to come, I don't think adding this (if true) is going to help Sony push more televisions.

bintarok2779d ago

If it's true, 4K shall be great for imax theatre quality movies, gaming may be possible too. Personally i'd rather playing lag-free 60FPS 1080P ray-tracing games on the ps4.

blumatt2779d ago

It will support those new 4k blu ray discs with much higher capacity. In guessing the PS4 will have a 100gb+ 4k blu ray drive. Most games will be 1080p but some will be 4k.

Sony always uses its consoles to push the newest media formats. It kinda sucks cause I just bought me a 1080p Samsung 50" plasma. But I'll get me a 4k tv in a few years maybe.

NastyLeftHook02779d ago

I don't want a cost friendly product, i want a sony product, a playstation product, the best product.

Azmatik2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

why all the hate its true games can ALWAYS progress and look better stop being a nooby thinking the next gen wont be a huge jump for sony because it will. have you forgot sony knows what theyre doing you act as if they will be putting PC parts in theyre next console and charging ALOT of $ personally 600 when ps3 launched isnt alot of money. seriously when did sony ever start puting PC parts and architecture in theyre systems how about think before you type/speak. I agree tentonsoftube i dont care about price i want a high quality sony product do you think my Sony Muteki 7.4 HTIB isnt worth 1200 and is one of THE best HTIB's ull ever find . i just dont understand we all should be happy we actually have a company pushing our tech ever watch a blu-ray? its fenomenal and people hate lol

blumatt2779d ago

Why all the disagrees?? It's all just speculation but Sony always uses the newest disc format so 4K is very much possible.

They'll likely use physical and digital delivery meaning you'll be able to buy it on disc or through the PS Store.

camel_toad2779d ago

@tentonsoftube - I'm with you on this. When I buy a new console I'm not looking for a sub-par experience.

Why all of the disagrees @tentonsoftube? If you want a cheap and affordable gaming experience you can stick to the casual phone games, which can admittedly be very fun.

morganfell2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I have to agree with tentonsoftube. Hell I don't have to agree, I want to agree. But I have to because it's common sense. From the first moment I fired up my 60GB launch PS3 it felt like the best technology....because it is. Period.

As for the PS4 I feel the same as I did about the PS3. I do not care about the price and I do not want them to cut the price if it means sacrificing capabilities or quality. Don't have the money? Go buy a cheaper machine.

Of course if you took a launch 360, which I had, and added a larger HDD, next gen disc drive, WiFi, and 4 years of Live the price was far beyond the launch 60GB PS3.

And just yesterday I saw this:

Yeah it's pricey but it's 84inches. And look how fast HDTV and 3D prices dropped. They'll go down in

EDIT: Oh look, my first disagree. I eat disagrees for breakfast. They're confirmation I am on the right track, dancing on that nerve of truth. Someone is scared of Sony...again. They should be.

xAlmostPro2779d ago

Price wouldn't be that steep. Like you said it's a rumor. But if it's true it could mean 4k res images, maybe movies. Nobody says it has to be games.

Current PC gpu's could easily handle this resolution in picture/video.

Also like £D, it could be a feature they unlock further down the line, when higher res becomes standard, even if only for movies.

Brosy2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I say bs to the 4k rumor. You barely have a few games tha can do 720p games on PS3. I don't see next gen games doing more than 1080p. And why not? 4k is rarely utilized and overly expensive for a small jump in picture quality. 1080p is affordable now and looks great.

Then you have the financial trouble sony is in. I just don't expect them to go too far in debt this time around. They don't have to pay for blu-ray and Cell R&D this go around, so they should be able to produce a quality product at a more affordable price. But they are billions, not millions, ofreasons to go the more cost effective route. Or they could just bet it all and remain in last place next-gen as well.

Sony has released one console that had a reason to brag about power. And that was the PS3. And it has also proven to be the biggest failure of the 3 consoes sony has produced. You must be young. But your fanatical fanboyism has certainly reached a commendable level lol.

ozzywazzy2779d ago


Said like a champion. If your looking for a cost friendly device, look elsewhere. I have one console in mind. If you want a true next gen system, I'll be waiting for Sony.

This is pretty standard knowledge.

dedicatedtogamers2779d ago

I don't think this is true, because it would mean another push for ANOTHER wave of brand-new, cutting-edge TVs, and Sony has already done that twice this gen (once back in 2006 to push HDTVs, and another time a few years later to push 3D TVs). And if any of you are willing to look back and consider the business side of things, Sony (and the economy as a whole) was in MUCH better shape six years ago. The economy was better. A $600 PS3 was expensive but people still bought it. Can the market bear up the weight of a $600 PS4 in addition to a new 4kTV? I don't think so.

shadow27972779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I seriously doubt there will be much, if any, 4K gaming done next gen. However, I'm inclined to believe that Sony will include 4K Blu-ray and display support. It would make business sense for them with their approaching 4K TV and camera lines in the future. They have to think in 5-7 year terms, after all.

Note: I don't think including this will be nearly as expensive as the Blu-ray player in the PS3 initially was.

DeadlyFire2779d ago

4K games will not exist next gen. I am sorry if you think so. Sure playback is possible, but games are not.

Next gen will be pushing 1080 and WiiU is not trying to push 1080. It has 1080 full support. PS3 could do 1080 in a few cases and WiiU easily can have 3 times the power of PS3.

Now 1080 with ray tracing at 30-60 fps might be possible with something like OpenRL from Caustic.

soxfan20052779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

It's too bad you missed out on the PS2 then. After all, you seem to want only the most cutting edge technology. The original Xbox was more powerful, and more technologically advanced than the PS2. The number of 720p and 1080i games on the Xbox was many times greater than on the PS2. This is a particularly valid comparison considering this article is about screen resolution too.

Just as 4K is only now becoming available, 720p and 1080i were in their infancy in the early 2000's. MS took the lead last generation in developing a console that supported the most HD games. Therefore, unless you are a hypocrite, you clearly would have chosen Xbox over PS2.

If anybody disagrees with me, I'll just do what morganfell does and use the disagrees as a badge of honor, and as proof that my statement is the truth.

juggulator2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Pretty sure it'll be true. The PS3 supported Super Audio when it first came out and the infamous otherOS, both of which are no longer present on the PS3 so if 4K doesn't catch on they'll just remove it.

@soxfan2005 It would be a shame if the first Xbox wasn't more advanced than the PS2 since the PS2 was launched long before the Xbox.

Diver2779d ago

so the assumption is that ps3 owners couldn't have owned a xbox. jus cause they owned a ps2, you know the second time sony brought a new format to gaming, doesn't mean no xbox 1. 4k is sony continuing the format trend.

NeoBasch2779d ago

Well, to be fair. It could be true. The BDA have been trying to keep Blu-Ray alive for when the 4K or Quad HD era hits. They're hoping that by developing higher capacity discs they can stay relevant and have optional support of 2160p.

This ISN'T 4320p (the other half of Ultra High-Definition). This is the lower half: 2160p. It could be possible, but only for movies. I doubt any games will even attempt to run at that standard.

BattleAxe2779d ago

This is why I love Sony.

Bloodraid2779d ago


You seem to have forgotten about a little thing called "PC Gaming". Pretending that some budget gaming console is going to be multitudes more powerful than even the best PC rigs is ridiculous. And acting as though console hardware is somehow years ahead of PC hardware is outright retarded.

MAJ0R2779d ago

4D confirmed.

*wakes up*

What's that, I must have been dreaming of delusional people hyping things up again.

Kurt Russell2779d ago

I love reading you people argueing over something that doesn't exist. :)

AAACE52779d ago

He also forgot how much the console and tv will cost.

Last i remember a couple years ago, a prototype 4k tv cost $50,000. And that was just the 32 inch. They said the prices wouldnt be reasonable ($5,000-$10,000) until about 2017.

2776d ago
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Silver-Hawk2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I see the disagreeing fanboys buzzing around already. I wonder why they wouldn't want 4k resolution and are already declaring crap.

Most of these fanboys wouldn't want any advancements made better than a Xbox 360 because they'll be buying a Wii u. This gen barely saw games in 1080p @ 60fps but that doesn't mean next gen shouldn't strive for better. Ipads already are doing better than 1080p and technology is moving at a fast rate.

Trenta272779d ago

You know you are the fanboy at the moment, right? As Clunkylover says, you are awfully excited all because of a rumor.

CommonSenseGamer2779d ago

Your "strive for better' argument. Where was that when the PS3 came out. Remember, HD gaming only starts with the release of the PS3 Sony proclaimed. Yet here we are today and so few games even break 720p without compromise.

I remember back when Sony was harping on about the emotion engine in the PS2 and what that could do for gaming. Honestly, take a reality pill as people who feast on hype and marketing end up looking foolish.

miyamoto2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

LG launches world’s first 84-inch, 4K 3D TV in Korea

Toshiba 55X3 4K 3DTV launches December 10th in Japan, no glasses necessary

4K TV already being trialed by one UK broadcaster

Don't you worry about these trolls Steel Heart, they hate progress & are in self denial.

Ultra High Definition Television (or UHDTV, 4K, 2160p, 8K, 4320p) is a digital video format proposed by NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories and defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).[1][2][3] UHDTV has a resolution of either 3840 × 2160 (8.3 megapixels) or 7680 × 4320 (33.2 megapixels).
8K UHDTV has 16 times the number of pixels of the existing 1080p HDTV and brings 8K UHDTV to roughly the detail level of 15/70mm IMAX.

NHK advocates the 8K UHDTV format as Super Hi-Vision.

Its coming soon and nothing can prepare these anti-progress trolls for it.

They deny the fact that digital imaging are now beyond Full High Definition.

Digital SLR cameras are capable of 46 mega pixels, digital video cameras are now capable of Ultra High Definition. Heh, even streaming videos on You Tube are in UHD! And these trolls say " We don't need 4K!"

Wait until Xbox 720 in 4K & Blu-ray is revealed they will claim M$ did it first.

And they think Sony is behind when it comes to the latest & greatest in entertainment, no way Jose.

Sony's Blue-ray discs are more than capable of storing 4K imaging & video. They came to the battle prepared & armed to the teeth.

Whether its 4K Blu-ray video playback only or with 4K Blu-ray video game graphics, Sony will always be one step ahead of them trolls.

andibandit2778d ago

They arent declaring crap, in fact most would want it, but cmon....4k....i cant even mention a tv, off the top of my head that could support it

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killerhog2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Man i just got me a 50inch SdTv flat screen (with s-video, composite & component etc. capabilities), was planning to upgrade to an HDTv next year, then in 3 years finally get me a 3DTv and now effing sony wants me to get a 4kTv? Eff that imma get me a Nintendo wii next gen.

Lol @ the disagree/s can't take a joke? I honestly hope ya are little kids because adults acting this way is sad.

bergoo2779d ago

Lol, you're on N4g and questioning disagrees. New here?

WeskerChildReborned2779d ago

Dude, this is a rumor and 4K tvs will be expensive as heck.

kneon2779d ago

Yes it's a rumor but it's almost certainly true.

The next TV upgrade wave will be 4k and it only makes sense for Sony to support it. When the PS3 launched, 1080p TVs were also really expensive, now they can be bought for peanuts. It will be the same thing all over again.

RevXM2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

full HD tvs were expensive as heck too, but no one forced you to get one.

Old crt worked fine.
Also I believe 4K WILL BE supported as current GPU's already support it. heck even Intels integrated graphics support 4K so how much cost and effort would go into supporting it?
Pretty much NONE as it will be native tech from this point forward. Next gen GPU's or the next after that will prolly run games buttery smooth in 4K res with all the bells and whistles you may get. I also believe Ps4 will do 8K resoultion but that would be more of a rumor material although Sony is known to push Playstation platform to be the best and complete entertainment platform. Ps3 have gotten so many uppdates, BD live, 3d, 4K res images etc.

I dont think Sony will hold back on the ps4 they want it to be as powerful and capable as they can make it. so when it arrives I guess we are prolly looking at a 450$ system at least!

Remember PS3 had FULL HD and 7.1 surround from the get go when the proper equipment that align with such spec were incredibly costly!
360 didnt have HDMI or Optical audio out, sa cd , BD or HD DVD. Ps3 had it all and Sony have been keeping adding features to it afterwards. BD live, 3d, 4k images etc.

TheMasterShake2779d ago

dude yahoo is full of shit, they have no clue what they are talking about. last time they spoke up about playstation they thought that after the battery of your controller dies once then you have to buy another. id never believe yahoo....... EVER.

Allsystemgamer2779d ago

It will support 4k for MOVIES ONLY.

If the most advanced pcs aren't there yet what makes you think the ps4 will in a year or 2?

CommonSenseGamer2779d ago

You know, how much RAM would be required to actually produce fantastic visuals in.native 4k resolutions?

The reality will probably be that the PS4 will support 4k but the reality will be not without major compromise to visual quality. Just like the PS3 with 720p.

aquamala2779d ago

Just like ps3 can play movies in 1080p, but few games are playable in 1080p

Pjuice2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

pc's can support 4k and higher resolutions already in gaming nvidia 600 series supports up to 5760 x 1080 and ati/amd supports up to 7680x3200 i believe go to to check. I'am not saying next gen consoles will have anything around 4k i'am just saying pc's do have that tech but it's funny reading people saying they want the best and pc gaming is to expensive it cracks me up at the beginning of every new console cycle how much people drop on t.v's and consoles combined (you could have a sick pc for that money). nvidia surround supports 3 monitors up to 5760 x 1080 res and a fourth monitor for web browsing or whatever you want to do

hesido2779d ago

This 4K is just a numbers game, for luring customers. 4K is simply NOT needed one bit for gaming. The only good it would do would be quad-split screen on a 65inch screen.

Would anyone complain if games looked as good as a 1080p movie that was shot at 60fps, I wouldn't.

If I have to choose a path for graphics enhancements, I'd choose better rendering technologies, not a pixel count race, especially anything past 1080p.

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_-EDMIX-_2779d ago

This rumor is all but confirmed. Even Sony talked about this last year so it actually probably true.

this is why i don't really think its all that fake. I mean you can do it to some extent on PS3 so.....

pixelsword2779d ago

Sony said they won't release it until a big jump, and I think 4k is a big jump.

This will sound silly, but it makes sense:

Killzone 4
Resistance 4
GoW 4

It's coming to a head using the 4 in the advertising, so based upon that, I think it's true.

Bloodraid2779d ago

>This will sound silly, but it makes sense:
>Killzone 4
>Resistance 4
>GoW 4

What part of that was supposed to make sense again?

pixelsword2778d ago

I guess the part that said

"This will sound silly"


"It's coming to a head using the 4 in the advertising"

totally lost you.

Just like the 360 used 360 instead of xbox 2 because they didn't want to sound like they were behind the PS3, using numbers in adverts is an old practice.

I guess you n4g "geniuses" also aren't capable of making simple leaps in logic.

Muffins12232779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

next gen last around 7-8 years now so im not surprised that the next xbox and ps4 will support this...this is not any new technology you dumb ass....this is just a god damn screen resolution lol.So funny to see people act like and say "pushes the boundaries of technology"
Though wiiu is once again already looking like its gonna fall behind,i say delay it and upgrade it or release with out trying to get the hardcore gamers cause no way someones gonna get that that's a hardcore gamer with those specs.Again,this isent technology idiots,this is just for screen resolution(4k pixels)

_-EDMIX-_2779d ago

LMFAO! All the disagrees are from Wii U fans.

Remember all the talk about Sony and MS "not making beast systems like this gen" talk? LOL!

h311rais3r2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Yes it is a screen resolution but I the game is running at 4k that's a different story all together.

Modern high end gpus stress at 2k resolution. Those are $1000 video cards TODAY. If the consoles release within the next year or 2 then they WILL NOT support 4k gaming. No possible way. You have to remember each resolution up requires much more power. Example? A game running in 720 @ 60fps most likely will run at around 50-60 fps on 1080p with 2xaa and VSYNC off.

Do some research on video cards and stressing and over heating ETC and you will see it won't happen in a 600 dollar console.

Stop dreaming and face reality. Movies in 4k are possible. No problem. But games? Nope sorry not happenning. Especially in a console any time soon.

TheFreak2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

When will sony learn? The company is already losing huge amounts of money and they want to gamble on this (if it's true). Make the console as CHEAP as possible without losing quality. The people who are running this company should be knocked over the head with a baseball bat and put to sleep haha.

ATi_Elite2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

1. "Supporting 4K Resolution" and "RUNNING games at Native 4K Resolution" are TWO entirely different things.

2. 4K Tv's cost over $10,000

3. Do you really expect the PS4 to run Games at Native 4K resolution when the PS3 has like NO AAA 1080p resolution games and not all AAA PS3 games are 720p

4. 4K TV's cost over $10,000

5. Only the AMD HD7970 $469, AMD FirePro Series GPU's $600 or higher, or Nvidia GTX680 $500 are capable or rendering games at 4K resolution. See the dollar amount of those cards. Sure the price will drop by the PS4 release but by how much?

6. 4K Tv's cost over $10,000

7. Now mid way through the PS4 life cycle 4K Tv's "MIGHT" catch on and drop in price.

I seriously doubt it cause most people do not have 1080p TV's and NO broadcast that I know of are higher than 1080p

8. 4k TV's cost over $10,000

9. AMD is very capable of making a custom PS4 GPU to fit the PS4 watt requirements and pump out 4K Resolution but at what COST to the consumer? Backwards capabilities to the PS2 and PS3 have already been rumored to be a No GO in the PS4 to save on $$$$$.

10. $700 Console and $10,000 4K Tv, I don't have that type of cash! Hell that's a nice used car if you ask me!

theaceh2779d ago

Crazy Ken promised a whole bunch of stuff with the ps3 (6 usb ports, etc) and Jack Tretton straight out lied about the Motorstorm and Killzone footage we saw before the PS3 released.

I think some PS3 owners must have selective memories or something. All I know is that I have learned to take a "lets wait and see" approach when it comes to rumors and anouncements from Sony and other tech companies. I expect great quality products from Sony, but It's just safer to set your expectations a bit below whatever they promise.

Ken Kutaragi

sak5002779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Agreed +bubbs for both ati_elite and theaceh. Sony followers will believe anything even it's proven time and again sony lies when putting out its consoles. Ps2 ? toystory graphics, poor saddam hussain of iraq bought 100s of thousands of ps2 to use it for military believing the chips on ps2 could be used for advanced weaponry.

And all the pre-Ps3 launch hype all of us remember except the sony koolaid drinking army.

So for ps4 the promised 4k, 50terabyte storage, 50 billion mhz of processing power, nuclear powered laugh-engine (cry-engine is already TM)etc will not happen.

ABizzel12779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Maybe for pictures and possibly for video playback. Gaming is highly unlikely. Even todays high end GPUs would have problems with running graphically intensive games at that resolution with a solid framerate and they cost $400+ so unless you want a $600+ PS4 then don't get your hopes up. Next gen will see a leap in graphics @ 1080p, but 4K and even 2K is too much for current tech to produce an Uncharted 4 with the leap gamers want without a $600+ console.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

To bad this has nothing to do with gaming and 4k tv are like $10,000.

I hope they say ps4 will be in 4d and run at 240fps again so that ps fans can just go wild! lol

greenpowerz2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Sony fans will work 4 jobs this time to pay for PS4. 720 will perform like the 360 next geni when it comes to more advanced 3rd party games but this fact will be ignored again next gen because of wild claims. Remember Sony fans boasted supernatural capabilities about ps3 before its launch and Sony let the fanboys say untrue things, forcing Sony to add more lies.

Super computers etc.

Sony fans think nintendo fans are disagreeing but its all rational fans of all consoles.

linkratos2779d ago

This would be the final nail in the coffin of the Playstation brand. 999 USD consoles are not gonna fly in this market. This is not just being un-cost effective, this is financial suicide.

This better only be fore Blu-Ray. Complete waste gaming wise.

fr0sty2779d ago

Guys, with a firmware update PS3 can do 4k. The difference being, will that be 4K games or just 4k video (as the BD players and all that the article mentions only provide). You need to keep in mind how much more power is needed to actually natively render a game at 4k resolution. Most PS3 games run natively at 720p resolution. 4k is more than 8 times higher resolution than that. For that alone you need 8 times the power of the GPU to handle rendering that. Your frame buffer has grown 8x. 8x more pixels needed (higher fill rate) per frame. Everything has to be higher, and not just a little.

Not saying it isn't possible, however with current top of the line video cards not able to hit 4k resolution with AA, AF, and other post processing effects applied while keeping a playable frame rate, I don't see PS4 doing it either. You can't expect them to get a video card that is the size of 3 PS3 games stacked on top of each other and connected to a power brick the size of a gamecube to fit into a console sized case, and not instantly ignite into flames as soon as you turn it on. If PS3 really is going to be on shelves by christmas 2013, native 4k resolution games will be about as frequent as native 1080p games are this generation.

Emilio_Estevez2779d ago

They need to hurry up with 4K, I can still see pixels!

airforcex2779d ago

Remember that the GPU won't be anything that exceeds what PCs can do. Sure, it'll do 4k but the framerate will suffer. Call of Duty won't be 4k. LBP, sure! And expect the next XBOX to do the same.

under taker 342779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

"sony’s PlayStation 4 to support 4K"

......and a 4k price tag if true which is Blatantly non sense. the company would hit a spiraling new level of low revenue, which would send the company to bankruptcy.

most 2014 games won't run even at 2000p, most 2014 pcs should be able to run ps3, 360 and wii-u games at higher.

........but not what we haven't seen. ps3 was said to run all ps3 games at 1080p, which was actually an official statement, and it turned out to be false.

DiRtY2779d ago

Anyone checked the prices of a 4k TV lately? The Toshiba is available for 7,500 Euro / 9,420 USD.

I know, prices will go down, but even next year you will have a 5000 Euro price tag... For the first generation of these TVs.

Of course the console would be at least $600 and Sony is so broke, that might be a real challenge for them. They did close Studio Liverpool, BigBig and Zipper for a reason.

Moncole2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Thats why the PS2 was weakest console last gen because Sony always pushes technology.

cedaridge2779d ago

1st less deal with the past. Yes! SONY ps2 is less powerful than the original xbox but were is it TODAY? u can still get a ps2 for $40 to $50 bucks wth games for dirt cheap. 2nd less deal with the present. ps3 is more powerful than xbox 360 but the problem with Sony console was price & the cell being to hard, multiplat games on ps3 just plan SUCK and the Exclusives mean NOTHING without the multiplats to go with it. that is what made the PS2. 3rd the future. I Believe 2K/4K will happen the HDMI cables are already available and i seen a samsung smart tv doin 960hz, but the cost is ridiculous! I hope Sony look at the TRUE lifecycle of the PS2 when making the PS4 because I do like the ps3 but my madden, 2kBBall, COD, Multiplat games is done on the xbox 360 and my ps3 is starting to collect dust. 1st gen went to Sony PS2. 2nd gen goes to Microsoft XBOX 360. 3rd gen? "Time will Tell but the Nintendo Wii U is the 1st one coming!" psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder

DarkSavior2779d ago

Support doesn't mean native resolution. The current ps3 had only a handful of native 1080p resolution games. Support just means at this moment "work with". For example you can buy a 720 Samsung plasma. It "supports" 1080p. It gets downscaled. We should have new systems at least focus on 1080p as the minimum.

tee_bag2422779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

It's not that difficult to have a system that supports 4k. Before anyone gets too excited, get a clue and think about the framerate. A high end PC can support beyond 4k resolution ie. eyeifinity but will take a major hit in performance. I'm sure a PS4 could support this res at release but I don't imagine games will run at 60fps with a Single GPU, not unless there is some massive (unlikely) technological breakthrough.
But for browsing, movies and low spec apps it's entirely possible. More than anything it's Marketing talk as usual.

whoyouwit042779d ago

If this is true sony needs to remember what happen with the ps3 and vita launch all that tech and no buyers, you would think they would've learn by now that it is not tech that sell consoles its the games.
And yea while sony do deliver games it seems that dosen't help either maybe people are just done with sony.