Why Long Waits Hurt IPs

"If you announce a title and don’t follow up with more gameplay, trailers, or news updates, you can expect your game to languish in the media and be forgotten—and here’s why." |

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DragonKnight2779d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII. 'Nuff said.

himdeel2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

But long waits don't hurt new IPs as much as the ridiculously early announcements. The way they announce these games is like going to a restaurant and you see steak on the menu, so you ask for the steak. BUT what they don't tell you is they still have to grow the grass to feed the cow to give birth to the cow that they have to slaughter to get your steak. All the while you're waiting at the dinner table. Eventually you'll lose interest if you don't starve waiting.

Dir_en_grey2779d ago

Well Last Guardian probably wouldn't have been shown so early if footage wasn't leaked...

prototypeknuckles2779d ago

the game may be 10 years to late
people lose interest

3-4-52779d ago

If you aren't the first to introduce something to the gaming world, you better be the 2nd, otherwise just think of something else.

By the time you release your version of what is "hot" it won't be "hot " anymore and you will have just made a watered down version of what everybody originally loved.

People wait to long and the market for that genre isn't there any more.

That is why people love new, interesting, creative IP's, because no matter what, it's almost always something people can't get anywhere else.

yabhero2778d ago

Zelda HD WiiU... Showed us the trailer, told us it might be a game but nothing on it at E3...

fight4love2778d ago

Dat waz just a tech demo and even if it were a game its only been a year.

I agree with article. 3 years before is enough. Any moar and it gets annoying.

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