GameArena - Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

GA - Where to start? Well, if you haven't done your homework our First Look is definitely a solid beginning.

Create-a-class is where the multiplayer experience begins, so lets kick it off here. The previous system is now too rigid, but also perhaps too leading and suggestive for Treyarch. They’ve thrown the number of options for weapons, attachments, perks, lethal equipment and tactical equipment together and come up with Pick-10, the new create-a-class point system that essentially lets you choose where you spend each point.

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3-4-52787d ago

All info is pretty much known by everybody by this point.

But it was written well so I read the whole thing anyways.


Same here but I'm still going for Moh warfighter. It sounds good in paper but to think u have to prestige and start all over again is getting old for me I like Bf3 Level up system better!!!

3-4-52786d ago

Yea but it keeps everybody from having all the top perks. That way it's just not copter death match.